Top Graphic Design Trends For 2022

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Top Graphic Design Trends For 2022
13 Sep 2022
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Graphic design, like any other industry, is always evolving. Trends come and go, new technology emerges, and designer styles either evolve or fade away. To stay ahead of the curve in graphic design, branding, and digital design, you must understand which trends are on the rise and which you should avoid. It's one thing to be a graphic designer. Another requirement is keeping up with all of the latest graphic design trends. You can't afford to be off your game for even a minute as a graphic designer.

Bold colors and brush fonts are two popular design trends for 2022. Keeping up with the latest graphic trends can also have a significant impact on your marketing strategies. While these are effective now, they will continue to be effective in the coming years.In this post, we'll look at the Top Graphic Design Trends that are dominating in 2022.

Graphic design is an integral part of our everyday lives. Good design helps to enhance the brand's identity and goes beyond the physical appearance. It is used to convey information, communicate messages, or convince our audiences through the use of combinations of images, shades, and shapes.

It can be difficult to keep up with all the influences and players in graphic design. It's important to stay current with Top Graphic Design Trends as a designer and decide which ones will work for your design portfolio. This article will help you to relax and show you the top trends in graphic design and creative styles that you have noticed more of in 2022. Some of these will be around for many years.

Imagine a life in which everything was the same every day. What if the design remained the same? Several of us gasped at this thought. The good news is that the design industry will never be in such a situation. As they are reimagined from a previous time, trends change constantly.

Many of them can be recycled and repackaged as newer, more innovative products that promise to transform the world. Some of them actually do. Graphic design, like any other industry, is constantly in flux. As new technologies emerge, so many trends are born throughout the year. Designers do their best job: Adapt.

It's important to keep up with what's hot in order to stay ahead. Let's take an in-depth look.

Top Graphic Design Trends

90s Nostalgia

You are either 30 or the 90s are coming up on you. Sorry, not sorry. There is some good news, despite this existential low. The 90s design is back! The era is one of nostalgia, with gothic serifs and vaporwave as well as simple emojis. You can always go back to the 90s if you feel stuck for ideas.

2D x3D

It is still easy to recall a time when graphic design was primarily based on 3D. In 2022, not much has changed. However, there is a slight twist that makes the experience fresh.

This is about creating amazing new experiences by combining 3D and 2D. Because it can be used with all types of animations or illustrations, the 2D x 3D mashing up is becoming very popular. It can also be used for web design, typography, and app design.

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Twisted Typography

Typography's primary objective is to communicate the message clearly and be useful. Things are changing in 2022 as people experiment with different typography and lettering.

This concept is based on a philosophy similar to Riso Print: Imperfect, off, but beautiful. It can be risky and difficult to pull off a trend if the audience is not interested in experimentation. If it is accepted by the brave, experimental typography can be a success. Loki is a popular example. Here you can see different styles of lettering. This is a unique example that inspires you to try something new and different.


Anti-design is the successor to brutalism. It highlights the beauty in unfinished and under-construction work. This is about finding inspiration in colors and styles that aren't considered ugly or rebellious. Anti-design is like a teenager who doesn’t care about the rules of usability but wants to provoke a reaction in the viewer. It somehow works.

Designers usually follow some rules when designing the overall composition.


Wait, Y2K... Isn't it the same as the 90s? No. Y2K is more inclined towards a bright, playful aesthetic as well as being inspired by complex materials from the early 2000s.

Many creatives and graphic designers are trying to recapture the excitement of the 2000s when anything was possible with technology. Most Y2K colors include blues, bubblegum roses, iridescent colors that look like CD backs, low poly CGI, and crude interfaces.

Candy-colored Vibes

Do you want to be different from other designers who are going for the brutalist, new-age stuff? Get ready to create vibrant, candy-colored scenes in your designs.

Why? This is a great way for you to create a positive and playful look in your designs. Although it is great for children, the truth is that it is equally popular with adults. It's worth it.

Muted Color Patterns

The choice of the right color palette is a major challenge and a nightmare for many designers. Did you know that 30% of designers spend their time choosing a color palette. This is not a common occurrence. This is a challenge when you have used more than a million colors in your projects before and want the current project to be different. What can you do? Here is where changing your color palettes to muted shades could prove very helpful. These colors will make you stand out and look fresh.

Parametric Patterns

For graphic designers, patterns are the foundation of any design. Designers are making a bold statement by introducing parametric geometry to their designs in 2022. These can be used to create visual interest and break up solid colors.

Parametric patterns are lines that change their shape depending on their relative positions. Parametric equations graphs are used to create the aesthetic.

These patterns, despite having a geometric foundation have a feeling of mobility and flexibility that comes with architecture because they are fluid and three-dimensional.


Although the graphic design trends for 2022 might seem random, they are not. These distinct design trends will be dominant, which include anti-design patterns and parametric patterns as well as candy colors. It will be interesting to see how designers around the globe collaborate in 2023 to create amazing designs.

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