Top 7 Inspirational Bloggers of India With a Business Bend

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Top 7 Inspirational Bloggers of India With a Business Bend
09 Oct 2021
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These bloggers are on the top list not just creating awesome content but also boosting business for various brands. These names will leave you shell shocked. Imagine the collection of funds these brands bill on them and vice versa.#ThinkWithNiche

The Internet is occupied with wonderful things. And what has been keeping us busy during the lockdown is passionately stalking inspirational bloggers of India. A lot of people are opting for blogging as their full-time career option. There is no qualm about that. Bloggers nowadays are the only people who make us feel better, in every possible way. Be it fashion, technology, lifestyle, travel, or just drawing life-talks. They have undoubtedly carved a special place in our hearts. They are constantly creating content while entertaining us in the digital space. Here are the top 7 inspirational bloggers of India who have been reaching the sky and beyond.

1. Scherzade Shroff

She has got a rare Parsi trait and her style reminds us of Paris-street fashion. Scherezade Shroff inspires thousands of followers to lead a better lifestyle. This blogger talks about everything under the sun. From her inspirational talks to cute pieces of advice,  Scherezade Shroff lives with her husband and a pet dog. Her Youtube videos are executed on a creative and bright side. Her dressing style includes a pop of colors. She quit modeling to flaunt her life on Instagram. People love her for the way she is.

2. Shreya Jain

This makeup Youtuber leaves no stone unturned to talk everything from body shaming to embracing your real self. Shreya is extremely creative when it comes to decking up her face. Apart from that, she has popular brands in her kitty. Shreya brought certain inclusivity to social media, there is no doubt about that. She makes sure every woman feels comfortable and confident in her own skin. Apart from owning one of the biggest brand collabs, she is appreciated for being herself, rather than being unmoored by immense fame.

3. Malvika Sitlani

Malvika grew famous creating Youtube videos but soon became a phenomenon after experimenting with fashion collaborations and various makeup facades. This blogger and Youtuber quit modeling to nurture her oratory skills. Besides, being a passionate chatterbox, she fills her social media with immense positivity and life advice that is good enough to leave a smile on your face. Malvika shares every bit and piece of her life story which leaves people falling into an emotional boat.   

4. Aashana Shroff

One name on top of the blogger game remains Aashana Shroff. She has exuberantly carved a niche. The lifestyle blogger inspires millions of people around the globe. She takes care of her aunt who happens to be a down syndrome patient. Shroff is inspiring in a million ways, one of the reasons behind this narrative is her positive words and spreading awareness of social causes. She is active and vocal on various issues like cyberbullying, mental health, and various disorders that people still look down upon. Her bank balance is beyond our imagination, as the numbers are quite in millions.

5. Sejal Kumar

Her fashion sense is just beyond amazing and the way she speaks is good enough to melt your hearts. Bangalore based Youtuber and blogger is often seen giving pep-talks to her viewers on her channel. Millions of girls around the country relate to her in many ways. Sejal Kumar has shaped the digital space quite wonderfully, there is no doubt about that.  Over the years, Sejal has upped the Indian blogger's digital platform by her pleasant personality.

6. Amit Agarwal

The first blogger of India, Amit Agarwal had his fair share of inspirational talks surrounding him on his blog. He remains one of the top bloggers of India and inspires internet people quite enthusiastically. Though Amit no longer blogs, his name still slips on many people's tongues and remains etched in their memories.

7. Larissa D'sa

Famous and most loved travel Indian blogger Larissa D'sa inspires many women to follow their passion and dreams. She set a positive tone for her channel which automatically draws attention towards her. Her blog is a blend of fashion, inspiring talks, and persuades people to follow their dream irrespective of whatever prevails under the sun. She is bright and exudes a positive vibe on her channel. She loves to go on adventures with her partner and lives life to the fullest.

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