The Overlooked Benefit Of B2B Ecommerce

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The Overlooked Benefit Of B2B Ecommerce
28 Sep 2021
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The importance of B2B eCommerce platforms for internal sales and customer service teams is sometimes overlooked. This translates into pleased customers who are prepared to spend more money. People, both internal and external, may benefit from eCommerce since it allows them to do so. #ThinkWithNiche

Many of the features demanded by customers are also demanded by sales and service personnel. An eCommerce platform may become an all-in-one information repository as a consequence of data integration, giving answers to questions from all parties and improving efficiency and income. As a consequence, modern B2B eCommerce software serves both internal and external users: employees and customers.

What You Should Do Daily

Some of the most common online jobs done by both clients and sales/service professionals are as follows:

  • Look for useful items.

  • Submit a request for help.

  • Examine the order history.

  • Look up the product's directions for usage.

  • Prepare a tax return.

  • Change the settings on your account.

  • Make a budget and stick to it.

  • All items are available (or established).

  • Keep track of frequently ordered products (or set them up).

  • Inquire about discounted prices (or react to it).

  • Request a quote (or react to one).

Previously, sales and support teams depended on separate business management tools to do their responsibilities. A contemporary eCommerce platform coupled with management software that includes a powerful site search, product descriptions, images, and specification sheets may be used to serve both internal and external users. There is no doubt that sales and customer service representatives have unique needs. If you choose, e-commerce systems can provide these capabilities for you. As an illustration,

  • There are technologies available that enable internal employees to look for a person or organisation and log in as that person without using a password. Staff may use the site as if they were a customer, allowing them to give better service.

  • A list of available goods for a client may be generated and viewed. Customers will appreciate it if sales or service workers may build or amend this list.

  • Responding to an online quote request. Responding through the internet is a wonderful approach for salesmen to expedite the process.

  • Note-taking. Making internal notes available to both the sales and service teams streamlines communication while preserving history.

  • Prices and incentives have been revised. Allowing sales personnel to give unique pricing or discounts can assist remove barriers to a transaction, but this capacity usually comes with constraints or limits based on the employee's role.

Platform Issues To Consider

Furthermore, certain applications may not support internal users. BigCommerce B2B Edition, Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud, Magento, and Oro are four platforms that meet this need. We are resellers for BigCommerce and Optimizely.

Consult your developers to determine whether adding internal functionality to your B2B platform is viable. Platform customization might increase long-term maintenance costs and complicate future upgrades, so approach with caution.

Regardless, modern B2B eCommerce solutions should serve both internal and external users, increasing capabilities and flexibility for all parties involved. As a result, customer happiness and income rise.

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