The List of Merchandising Items

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30 Dec 2021
6 min read
TWN In-Focus

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If you have a YouTube channel or a podcast, or if you own a brand, merchandising is the new way to reach out to the audience. It essentially entails publicizing little, quirky things that are used regularly. It extends your reach to new heights. #ThinkWithNiche


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If the concept of commercialization is circling your mind, here's a gift for you.


Sweatpants can be easy comfy wear for your viewers. It can be easily exposed to a daily jogger or a gym-going person, where many eyes will lie on your viewer’s pants.

Shirts & Sweatshirts

Shirts and sweatshirts, especially graphic ones, are quite famous these days. They have become kind of a representation of personalities through what a person wears.


Socks, being a little item as well as coming at a cheap and affordable rate. Also, the characteristic of being lightweight helps you with the reduced shipping charges. Being cheap, they are bought in high numbers, creating ample revenue through this little item itself.


Mugs have been one of the most gifted items these days. And adding funky or subtle statements or dialogue along with your branding will help you gain a lot of viewers. Also, cups are another form of showing off the personality you carry. Hence a lot of walk-ins would be seen on your website or channel.

Phone Cases

Since the number of mobile phones in hand is increasing exponentially, and it is the mobile carrier of your personal information is quite delicate. Hence, the need for a protective cover is highly important. Now, here enters your merch. Coming in different types of materials and colors, this gives you an infinite number of combinations to offer your buyers.

Laptop Cases

Like mobile phone cases are the laptop cases, varying in different options like waterproof or hard-wearing material and a lot more. I can be an easy mode for you to spread the awareness of your brand along with serving them.


Everyday use and highly necessary accessory that not only comes in handy but is also highly functional. The personalized version of backpacks is an easy way to attract a crowd towards your brand, channel, or website.


Say bingo! If you are an artist, designer, illustrator or, photographer, This is your area, you rock here like no one else. You can print your work onto canvases so your customers who love your work can purchase your creations.

This list helps you to figure out every possible form of merch possible out there. Depending upon the field you are involved in you can choose the item that would feel most relatable to your viewers, as well as a keen note to keep in mind is your initial investment. Also, a tangent could be the items you can hardly relate to, but you can still include them. Since your focus must lie how your simple merchandise can be caught by eyes, and be a reason for their dilation.