The Glittering Christmas Tree

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The Glittering Christmas Tree
18 Dec 2021
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Christmas is here, and the preparations are in full swing everywhere in the world. A Christmas Tree adds to the beauty of every home this season. It brings with it excitement and joy for the entire family. But do we know that every decoration item has a special significance? Let us find out! #ThinkWithNiche

Joy to the World, the Lord has come! Time to rejoice, people! Christmas is here again. The Christmas carols have begun. And so is the preparation for the Christmas cake! But it is the Christmas tree that generates supreme excitement this season. The richness of the tree, along with the glitter of the beautiful decoration, has a mesmerizing effect!

Most importantly, the tradition of the entire family coming together to decorate the tree is heartwarming! It rises much above a specific religion. It becomes a festival for the entire community. The joy, the laughter, and the sweet little tiffs make it a time to remember till we grow old! So let us feel the joy of decorating a tree and at the same time learn about the significance of these decorative items –

The Story of Christmas

The story of Christmas is a story of hope, faith, and joy. Angel Gabriel gave the good news to Mary and Joseph that they would be the parents of Baby Jesus, the son of God. When mother Mary was in a family way, they got the order to take part in the census in their hometown in Bethlehem. Mother Mary became unwell, and her pains started, but despite searching everywhere, they did not get a place to stay. Then they saw a stable, and it was there that baby Jesus was born. The Angels came to bless them, and they spread the news everywhere that the son of God was born. Mother Mary and Joseph knew were filled with happiness and gratitude to see their child. The Shepherds came to see him! The Wise Men came from all corners of the world. They brought many rich gifts but did not know where to go. So it was a star that showed them the way. They were all happy to see the baby Jesus in a manger and showered him with tributes and gifts.

The Christmas Tree: Everlasting Life!

Christmas, as we know, is a festival of hope and good cheer, and a Christmas tree is the ideal symbol. The idea is very secular. The Christmas tree is originally a gift from the Pagan Europeans. They decorated their house with evergreens to ward off evil in the New Year. After this, the people of West Germany started celebrating with a 'Paradise Tree'! They also constructed a small Christmas Pyramid of wood at Christmas time. It was a triangular wooden shelf. They decorated it with cookies, evergreens, and wafers. In the 16th century, they merged the 'Paradise tree' with the Christmas Pyramid giving way to the modern Christmas tree. Now everybody decorates their homes with a dazzling Christmas tree during Christmas. This tree is a flag bearer of hope, good cheer, everlasting life, and celebration. At the same time, it is also a symbol of unity and togetherness. There are many Christmas trees available in the market. If not, any plant can be set up like a Christmas tree and adorned with decoration. So have you made your selection?

The Star: The Guiding Light

The shining star looks amazing atop the Christmas tree. It symbolizes angel Gabriel who gave the good news to mother Mary. It is also the symbol of the star that guided the three Wise Men to reach the place where Jesus was born. The glittering stars come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. People also hang a big Star in their garden during Christmas time.

Bells: The Harbinger of Happiness

The beautiful bells are available in gold and silver color. There are numerous theories about the bells. One of them is that these bells are reminiscent of the bells used by shepherds to call their sheep back. Bells are a symbol of positivity and the harbinger of a new beginning and happiness.

Balls: The Showers of Blessings

Christmas Balls are a symbol of the Christmas spirit. The circular shape illustrates the shape of heaven, and the glowing shine represents the jewels of blessing that the Lord bestows upon us. The pine cones are a symbol of motherhood and fertility. 

Candy Cane: The Staff of Safety

The Candy Cane is another item that adds beauty to the Christmas tree. It is reminiscent of the staff carried by the shepherds. The shepherds use it to bring back the sheep that loses its way. The Shepherds are the epitome of humility, and Jesus has referred to them many times. Jesus is referred to in the Bible as the Good Shepherd who protects his sheep from any harm. The Candy Cane is the symbol of the promise of Jesus that he would save us.

Wreath: The Spirit of Christmas

The wreath, wow! This beautiful decorative item enhances the beauty of the Christmas tree. Evergreen branches and holly leaves make up the circular shape of the wreath. Sometimes fruits are also tucked in it. It is a symbol of eternity and togetherness. People hang it on the door and windows to infuse a streak of joy, positivity, and the spirit of Christmas

Holly Leaves: The Love of God!

Holly Leaves are identical to the spirit of Christmas. The green leaves represent the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. The red cherries are a symbol of the blood of Jesus that he shed for us. It illustrates God's love for his people. 

Poinsettias: The Beauty of Christmas!

Poinsettias are beautiful red flowers originating in Mexico. They render a mystical red glow to the holly leaves, and together they create an elegant effect to the spirit of Christmas. The blood-red flowers represent the blood of Jesus that he shed to save us, and the white poinsettias symbolize purity. Their star shape is reminiscent of the star that helped the wise men to the place where Jesus was born. 

Stockings: The joy of Selfless Service!

Stockings are the traditional symbol of Christmas. You may think, how can you keep gifts in stockings and why? It has a beautiful story to it! Many years ago, a poor man had three daughters. He was unable to give them anything in marriage. He was very sad. Father Nicholas was a Christian Bishop who was very kind. He offered his help to him, but the man was honest and refused to take help. It happened one night that Father Nicholas came quietly and threw three balls of gold in his house. They flung and stuck in the stockings hanging in the room. In the morning, the daughters saw the stockings and became very happy. They got married happily with the help of that money. The stockings teach us the value of selfless service.

Lights & Candles: Spread the Light of Happiness!

Candles spread light. It is reminiscent of Jesus, who is "the Light of the World!" His message is that we must be the light for other people. We should spread brightness and warmth in the world. The twinkling lights are a symbol of joy and wellness that fill every heart with eternal bliss! 

Gifts: The Joy of Giving!

Gifts are the joy of Christmas. We all look forward to it very anxiously. This give and take of gifts strengthen the bond between people. The children are super excited about the gifts kept under the Christmas tree. The family reunions and the Santaclaus infuse warmth in the relationships, and you live the memories to cherish forever! The golden ecstatic smile which erupts on the face of your loved ones when they open their gifts is the real gift of Christmas! 


The glittering Christmas decoration items that adorn the Christmas Tree are, in reality, pearls of blessings that light up the tree of our life. It is the time of enjoying the fruits of togetherness with the entire family. Wait, can you hear the bells jingling? Christmas father has already set on his journey. So let us get started with the Christmas tree, with a wish that we all stay happy and safe. And that God removes this pandemic from the face of the earth. Merry Christmas!

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