Survival Of The Fittest

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Survival Of The Fittest
25 Nov 2021
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Let’s take a minute to reminiscent the golden rules of conducting business, Profit, Growth, and Survival. These sure do apply to the fashion world as well. Everyone has a different take on what you must do to excel. But the basics remain identical. Be relevant, Be aware, Be original, Be patient. If you’re already a part of this field and attached to the very competitive environment, it’s going to get feisty from here on. #ThinkWithNiche

Let's take a moment to remember the three golden rules of business: profits, growth, and survival. These certainly apply to the world of fashion. Everyone has a different perspective on what it takes to succeed. However, the fundamentals stay the same. Be relevant, be aware, be original, be patient. It's going to become feisty from here if you're already in this field and attached to the highly competitive environment!

Know What’s Trending

Yes! Almost every day, they alter. Take advantage of what the public is currently interested in. It's like a mad rush to the finish line, and you have to win. Consider contemporary trends, such as genderless fashion, sustainable fashion, Bottega Veneta-inspired bags, Animal Motif jewelry, statement chokers, supersize hoops, colorful Stones, Shoe Jewelry, pearl everything, street styles, monochrome colors, pastel colors, and so on!!! Take inspiration and use it to encourage others.

Public Relations

To grow your brand, it's important to make the public aware of it. Meet the retailers to discuss the trading methods for your brand, plan advertising campaigns and advertise your brand through print and digital media. You can also place an advertisement for your brand on Television as it can lead to a promotion on a much bigger scale than print media. Another thing that you can do is to sign up for trade festivals and exhibitions. There you can display your designs and have a one-to-one conversation with your customers. It will also be helpful as the customers can resolve their queries through interaction. Tell the story behind your brand and try to get news coverage. The coverage will be helpful to expand your business and will be able to reach a wide range of audiences.

Seeking Professional Advice

There is no harm in taking legitimate, credible help from those who excel in their respective fields. If you lack sufficient business or fashion experience, you can hire a business consultant who will apply his/her experience to your fashion brand and help it grow.

Study Your Journey

It’s really insightful if you know how far you’ve come from where you began. You can plan accordingly and also review your goals and mission. This helps in understanding your strong pursuit, your weaknesses, and your future.

Level up!

We are quite monotonous in our daily lives. If you bring up something catchy, challenging, diverse, thought-provoking, or simply crazy, you’ll probably hit the charts. It’s going to give your brand publicity and recognition for being daring and experimenting. However, bear in consideration the audience's perspective and input.

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