How an MBA Boy Converted into MBA Chai Wala

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How an MBA Boy Converted into MBA Chai Wala
16 Feb 2023
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Nothing is impossible if you are determined to live a different life. This is proven by Madhya Pradesh's Prafull Billore. Billore runs a thriving tea-selling business with an estimated turnover of Rs 3 crore. Prafull, a 22-year-old who currently resides in Ahmedabad, is known all throughout the nation as "MBA Chaiwala."

Today, Praful Billore is referred to as the "MBA Chaiwala." Despite his best efforts, he was unable to achieve a high CAT score, leading him to decide to stop his studies in the middle.

A boy who has a dream to become a Chatter accounted in the best management company. But he left the MBA study and walked from his MBA class. He decided to become a Chai Walla in Delhi. Now people call him “MBA Chaiwala,” and he delivered a speech at Harvard. Let us know more about Praful Billore and the struggle story of his million-hold business. For added authentic stories of business, and personality read our blog. Let's explore his motivational journey: How an MBA Boy Converted into MBA Chai Wala.

Our society has established certain standards for everything, including education, relationships, and careers, and anything less is unacceptable. There are those who deviate from these norms and demonstrate their worth to the world.

A young man in his 20s named Prafull Billore carried out the same act. He left college to open a tea shop, and today he serves as an example for anyone who has given up on life after failing to realize their dreams.

How An MBA Boy Converted Into MBA Chai Wala

The Journey of MBA Chai Wala

Prafull, who comes from the Madhya Pradesh town of Dhar, had lost interest in his Mba course at Ahmedabad University, which he had been attending since 2017. However, reading books and absorbing the sayings of well-known business figures was what kept him inspired. Five years later, the 25-year-old has transformed MBA Chai walla into a Rs 4 crore turnover company with 50 stores all over India. He is now a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

Prafull, then 21 years old, spent all of his savings on travel in 2016—by bus, train, or rickshaw, depending on the cost. He thinks that conversing with and meeting new people has given him numerous insights. However, his parents constantly put pressure on him to enroll in a full-time college so he could finish his studies and make a living. He, therefore, made the decision to take advantage of his layover in Ahmedabad by enrolling at a college for the benefit of his parents.
Praful began working his way up the McDonald's company hierarchy by beginning as a housekeeper and eventually becoming a cashier. Despite his good progress, he hated the thought of working for someone else and desired to forge his own identity. He frequently questioned why he should sell burgers to another person when he could create and sell them himself. As a result, the 3-crore MBA Chaiwala empire was born.

Praful followed the sage's advice to "Dream big, start small, act now." As tea was his go-to beverage during the CAT preparation and India adores chai, he decided to quit his job at McDonald's and open a tea shop. He first borrowed 8,000 rupees from his father under the guise of enrolling in a short-term course. He was unable to tell his family the truth since they would be horrified and indignant at what was ahead for him.

MBA Chaiwala Full Form
Many of us mistakenly believed that MBA stood for Master of Business Administration, but Chaiwala uses the term "Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala" instead.

Prafull Billore: MBA Chaiwala

Prafull Billore is known as MBA Chaiwala. He feels proud to be the founder of the “MBA Chaiwala” in India, which has become a quickly growing business in India. Praful is a B. Com graduate, and he belongs to a simple middle–class family in Madhya Pradesh. MBA Chaiwala net worth is close to 3 crore rupees!

Baby Step of Praful’s Chai dreams

Praful started a small tea shop beside the roads initially. He grappled a lot. The first day went pretty badly as there was not even a single customer. He decided not to give up and make a new strategy to enhance the customer. Further, he started connecting with the people and talked friendly, unfolding concerning his unique tea quality and conversation with people in English.

People start attracting his tea shop and sip the test of his tea. He started combining the events using public relations skills to connect with the customers. He made the billboards and designed the cards regarding the discount and other bonuses for visits to his tea shop on special days.

MBA Chaiwala Business Model

Within a few years, he installed a chain of franchises and tea cafes in India. Praful started connecting the events with the tea-selling strategy. And MBA Chaiwala has become a name that linked chai lovers all over India. Today he is running multiple franchises of MBA Cahiwala in many other countries of the world, and he made around a hundred corers in just a few years.

Praful Billore’s also would like to participate in the events with his chai at the wide range. Promote the events like business skills, women empowerment, education, entrepreneurship, and social media programs. In other ways, he also participates in supporting social issues like discrimination, women empowerment, and unemployment. He also goes to political rallies to spread the warmth and love of chai in India.

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Speech at Harvard University

Praful Billore has become an inspiration for the Indian youth. He is giving speeches at the world's prestigious Business Schools at Harvard University, and he is inspiring international students. Many Indian students have dreams get admission to Harvard University. His success story has motivated people who want to start their businesses. Today MBA Chai Wala has more than 100 employees in India, and he wants to install more franchises around the world. He is continuously inspiring people to follow their dreams.

Serving the public

As a result of a series of events, MBA Chaiwala began to grow. After two years of operation at the SG Highway location, Prafull expanded to open a franchised cafe in Bhopal. MBA Chaiwala, who began with a cart, now has 50 restaurants. Prafull cited the early premium tea cafes like Chaayos and Chai Point as proof that a chai business can always prosper in India. But MBA Chaiwala wants to help the common people who want to have a cup of tea for between 40 and 50 rupees while relaxing in a cafe.

India's market for tea

Expert market analysis indicates that the production and consumption of tea in India are both healthy. In 2020, the nation drank close to 1.10 million tonnes of tea. The country's market is anticipated to expand over the forecast period of 2022–2027, rising at a CAGR of 4.2 percent. India's tea industry is projected to produce 1.40 million tonnes by 2026.

What is the net worth of MBA Chaiwala?

Currently, an MBA Chaiwala makes about Rs 1.5 lakh per day. Prafull Billore alone has a 30 million dollar net worth. He also has a YouTube account, but it is unclear how much money he makes there. Even yet, as of 2023, MBA Chaiwala has a solid financial situation.

MBA Chaiwala purchases a Mercedes for 90 lakhs

Billore made headlines once more when he purchased a Mercedes for 90 lakhs.

Billore uploaded a video as he purchased the Car. He can be seen revealing the Mercedes alongside his family. To celebrate, they even cut a cake. The MBA Chai Wala might also be seen signing some documents in one of the pictures. A text inlay on the video states, "Billionaire Brothers. MBA Chaiwala. Hold the vision, trust the process."

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