Study Guide For The AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals

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Study Guide For The AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals
23 Feb 2023
5 min read

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Learning the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure will allow you to grow your career and get ready to explore more of the numerous technical opportunities Azure offers, regardless of your level of experience.

Your knowledge of cloud services and how they are delivered with Azure is validated by the certification. In addition to Azure services, workloads, security, privacy, pricing, and support, candidates should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of cloud concepts.

Candidates for this test should have a basic understanding of cloud services and how Microsoft Azure works to deliver those services. The exam is designed for candidates who are new to Azure or who are just starting to work with cloud-based solutions and services.

This Study Guide For The AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals will provide you with detailed information about the Azure 900 certification exam.

The Azure 900 certification exam is extremely popular with people who desire to begin their Microsoft Azure journey. AZ 900 is the only exam to obtain the Azure Fundamentals certification. This exam is designed for candidates who demonstrate the foundational knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure.

Study Guide For The AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals

Overview Of AZ 900 Certification

Since it is a beginner-level exam, it does not require specialized knowledge of cloud computing or programming prowess. So, candidates with even the most basic cloud knowledge can attempt the certification test. However, if you are willing to work in Cloud computing, this AZ 900 exam is your foundational stone. By taking this Azure test, you can satisfy your need for knowledge about cloud services and look into job options in the rapidly developing cloud sector.

Who can take the Microsoft Certification?

People who are new to cloud-based services and solutions should take this exam. Additionally, individuals with a technology background and those with non-technical backgrounds—such as those involved in selling or purchasing cloud-based services and applications—need to confirm that they have a basic degree of understanding about cloud services.

If you're preparing for this esteemed Microsoft Certification text, continue reading. This post aims to serve as an AZ 900 study guide and lists all the essential tips, information, and tricks you need to know to pass your AZ 900 exam.

How to get Certified?

It's fairly easy. Choose the certification you want, follow the recommended learning path to acquire it, prepare for the exam, and pass it. More information on the certification pathways and procedure is provided in the following section. You can also join a good az 900 certification training and clear your exam.

Exam Objective

Azure Fundamentals can be used for various Azure role-based or specialty certifications.

Candidates must fully comprehend cloud principles, Azure services, workloads, security, pricing, privacy, and support. Additionally, it's crucial to be conversant with networking, storage, computing, application development, and support.

Exam Description

The Azure certification cost is just 99 USD and has 17 certifications from Microsoft, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. Suppose you still need to gain a fundamental understanding of cloud services in general and Azure in particular. In that case, the AZ 900 test and certification should be the first certification step in your Azure certification journey. So regardless of whether you're interested in Microsoft Azure Certifications in solutions, data, AI, or other fields, your certification route starts with AZ 900.

Passing Score

Microsoft certification exams are scored out of 1000. To pass the AZ 900 exam and earn your Microsoft Azure Certification badge, you must score at least 700.

Course Outline

The AZ 900 test covers three major areas as follows.

Comprehending Cloud Concepts

o  Benefits of using cloud services.

o  Knowledge and comparison of cloud pricing models- private, public, and hybrid.

o  Cloud Computing and Shared Responsibility Model.

o  Cloud infrastructure as a platform (PaaS), as a service (IaaS), and software (SaaS).

Knowledge of Azure Architecture & Services


o   Explain the core architectural components of Azure.

o   Identify Azure regions and region pairings.

o   Identify resource groups, subscriptions, availability zones, and Azure datacenters.

o   Describe the order in which the Azure compute, networking, and resource management groups are organized.

o   Provide details on VM choices, Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets, and Azure Virtual Desktop.

o   Describe the available application hosting options.

Management and governance of Azure

o   Give an overview of Azure's cost management.

o   List the Azure tools and features for governance and compliance.

o   Describe the capabilities and resources for managing and deploying Azure resources.

o   Outline the Azure monitoring tools.

Benefits of AZ 900 Certification

The Microsoft Azure 900 certification provides a lot of possibilities for fostering one's long-term objectives. Candidates with Azure certification can accept substantial employment offers from prestigious businesses.

AZ 900 certified individuals are eligible for various job roles in the IT field, such as Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Cloud Engineer, Backend Developer, Migration Consultant, and more. 

Exam Preparation

Everybody has a different way of learning; thus, only some approaches to preparation will work best for everyone. However, if applied comprehensively, the list of preparatory techniques in Azure certification training will assist anyone in succeeding.

  • Studying: Many online resources are available, but Microsoft's website is perhaps the greatest and most reliable.
  • Hands-on Experience: Creating a free Azure subscription gives a monthly credit that can be used to deploy and test Azure resources and services. This lets you gain expertise using the Azure portal and other management tools covered by the AZ 900 exam.
  • Sample exams: To prepare for the test, it's a good idea to use additional sample test resources. This exposes you to a broader range of questions.

Examination Tip

One of the most important criteria for this exam is time management. If it takes too long to answer a query, it can be flagged as being under review. Additionally, some questions on the AZ 900 exam cannot be completed later and must be answered immediately. So before beginning the exam, take a deep breath and carefully read the instructions.

Ending Note

If you take the time to plan and practice, Azure 900 certification is easy. Through in-depth knowledge is optional, you must comprehend the principles of Azure and how the many services interact with one another because it covers various issues.

Good luck with your Azure certifications, and we hope you liked this study guide!


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