Seven matters you could study from Ritesh Agarwal - CEO of Oyo Rooms

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Seven matters you could study from Ritesh Agarwal - CEO of Oyo Rooms
22 Dec 2021
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OYO Rooms is the world's swiftest developing motel chain. Ritesh Agarwal founded the employer most effective at the age of 19! At an early age, he became able to reap all – reputation, enterprise fulfillment, and economic prosperity. #ThinkWithNiche

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Ritesh Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder cum CEO of OYO Rooms, which is the world's fastest developing motel chain. At an early age, he became able to reap all – reputation, enterprise fulfillment, and economic prosperity. He became the only one to give you a modern concept of motel reserving software program whilst others did now not reflect on consideration on it in any respect! These days OYO "for your personal" is exponentially acing to be the various international's biggest inns chain. In this blog, we are going to throw light upon the ten maximum optimistic learnings derived from the successful existence of Ritesh Agarwal.

1. Age is just a Number

In line with surveys, it's been indicated that 30 is the age to hit your success. well! Achievement depends on your productiveness, no longer your age. Ritesh Agarwal is the best example that has advanced this age bar synopsis. At just the age of 25 years, he is conserving a net worth of 3500 crores. Furthermore, Oravel stays private confined, OYO, was set up through Ritesh Agarwal in 2013 while he turned into just 19 years antique. Sure, you read it right! Just 19! In line with Ritesh, absolutely everyone can attain fulfillment through simply including the right blend of dedication in the direction of what they want to do!

2. Family History doesn't Define You

Ritesh turned into born into his own family that controlled to run a small local keep. Honestly, if Ritesh had not opted for every other course, he could be busy supervising the shop alternately owning one of the massive motel chains globally. As a result, proved that allowing it's a simple family background or a complex family historical past doesn't outline a person's potentials or competencies!

3. Staying power, difficult-paintings, and religion – manner to reach your target

Endurance puts us in direct manipulate of ourselves because it gives us time to select how to respond to a situation. Difficult paintings additionally play an essential role in engaging in our desires as well as faith that builds up the preference to preserve a fine mindset required for fulfillment. Searching upon the outstanding fulfillment charge of Ritesh Agarwal, a few problems even grew up at the same time as his organization turned into aiming to reach heights. But those allegations did no longer prevent him from removing endurance, operating tough, and religion. And boom! There came a pleasant phase, in which OYO raised $25 million from San Francisco primarily based Capital, present investors, DSG purchaser companions, and mild pace Ventures. 

4. Hurdles – a Present from Fulfillment

As fulfillment is an adventure, so it calls for consistency and willpower and now not mere phrases. Many humans do now not respect the hurdles. But a successful people ought to have triumphed over limitations earlier than attaining their desired goals. Likewise, Ritesh Agarwal additionally came through several hurdles and swore by that starting a commercial enterprise isn't always a clean trip! His preliminary days were not complete of ease in any respect. From convincing buyers to convincing human beings around becomes a top-notch assignment for him. Notwithstanding no one assisting him and being broke, he didn't lose hope. For this reason, OYO now exists in a few of the leading companies. Whence, it's constantly as much as you how you react to the hurdles! Just do not forget those who remain are those who don't surrender in hard instances.

5. With Fulfillment comes Criticism

in the past, OYO has reportedly confronted grievances on social media for its offerings. Ritesh didn't allow these criticisms to dominate over him; instead, it made him introspect. He made positive to paintings upon them and make certain that the customers get a nice experience. This act of Ritesh, assuming criticism as a key to improvement, has given a super boost to his enterprise's productivity. As a result, criticism teaches you to listen, live grounded, and aids in overcoming weaknesses, so take them as a fee of success!

6. Your Ardor is your Closing Goal

Ritesh Agarwal constantly desired to do something specific. However, there are some occasions in existence that change the entire perception of the manner you think, and at some unspecified time in the future, you all of a sudden broaden an interest that you haven't even thought of! These situations came about in Ritesh's lifestyle as well. He joined The college of London, however soon after three days, he left as it was now not his cup of tea. Then he centered on beginning his task in hospitality. As opportunities are everywhere, Ritesh determined that the inn line is an outstanding possibility to work, so he became utterly passionate to spark his undertaking. The urge to do what excites him is the main motive why Ritesh Agarwal has come to be the icon for millennials. So, you ought to just observe your passion, and fulfillment will surely head closer to you!!

7. Failures – a Secret Component in the Success

The maximum fortunate people in the international have long passed via the most failures in lifestyles. Even Ritesh needed to endure! He should always grasp new ideas. Learning various things and obtaining understanding has continually been Ritesh Agarwal's essential area. To acquire the greatest achievement, he had to embody the chance of failure. Now, accept as true with it or not, it took Ritesh six substantial falls before achieving OYO! You need to in no way be scared of failing. Live steadfastly and assume screw-ups as a supply of stairs toward your purpose!


Ritesh's efforts at the back of OYO have drawn OYO to what it's far these days. You – the teens of these days can take great training from the getting to know's mentioned in this article in constructing up your destiny and earn brilliant achievement!!