Novices Guide For Fishery Business

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Novices Guide For Fishery Business
16 Nov 2021
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Are you trying to sort out how to do something? how to start a fishing business and, certainly, fishing is a profitable enterprise with global demand. Then there's no need for a spoiler; just scroll down and read it for yourself.#ThinkWithNiche

In a country like India, fish is in high demand.No, not just for Indians, but for the majority of the world's population. So, if you're considering starting a fishing business, trust me when I say it's not a bad idea. It will undoubtedly help to make a substantial amount of money.

Let's have a look at how to get started in the fishing business.

 1. Plan your business
Before starting any business, proper preparation is essential, and this is true for the fishing industry as well. Make a proper planning list before starting your business, and then move to the following phase.

2. Select the type of fish farming
After that, you must plan again, choose, and decide what type of fishery business you will start. If you are thinking to start a fish farm, then select what type of fish farm you want to start. Tilapia, Rohu, Shrimp, Salmon, Prawns, Crabs and Clams, and a variety of other fish farms are in high demand. After that, make your decision and move forward.

3. Select the proper location for fish farming
It is essential to have a watery field or place for fish farming. You can choose sea farming and pond farming as well. However, make sure to check the water quality, since it might be harmful to the fish's growth as well as a hindrance to you. Continuously, keep checking water temperature and quality.
4. Understand the target market
Before starting a fish farming firm, you should conduct proper market research. Try to understand the local market demand. As mentioned earlier fishes have a global demand but try to understand the local market first then step by step make your business into a huge and global one. Research global demand and move on.
5. Know the costing

A fishery business can be started by investing Rs. 30 to 50 thousand. You may have to invest money in fish feed, electricity, water, and eggs. At first, you may need over Rs 2 lakh as an investment. The fish farming business includes two types of capital investment, - fixed capital costs and operating costs. Fixed capital cost includes crafting ponds, land & building, plumbing arrangements, vehicles for transport, oxygen meters, several tanks, etc. Operating cost includes buying fingerlings or fish eggs, electricity, fish feed, labor, medicine, chemical, insurance, tax, transportation, and other maintenance cost involved. So, you can go for a bank loan or can find an investor for yourself. Remember, this investment will bring you the double.
6. Equipment for fish farming
Fishery business needs a lot of equipment, like- boat, vessels, pumps, nets, fish tanks, water tester, etc. All these are the common and necessary items you may have to need much more additional equipment. Don’t forget that fish food must have to be included in the business material list. Try not to be a scrooge when it comes to fish food. This is something you must take care of. Maintain and check the water quality on a regular basis, and keep it clean. It's a necessity to have a water tester.

7. Get the license
You must get an entrepreneur license before starting your business.. A business license is a must for every business. Register yourself and be licensed to avoid future hazards and risks. Before registering your business, you have to think about your brand and domain name. Try to come up with something unique.
8. Register for taxes
Now, because your company is legally correct, you must abide by some government regulations. Become a taxpayer by registering with the government. You'll have to deal with a lot of taxes. Know about taxes and make sure you're on the right track.

9. Packaging
There are numerous fish businesses, including canned fish shops, tin fish markets, and cooked fish stores, among others. Before placing your product on the market, you must do suitable packaging for them. In the corporate world, packaging is important. As a result, be selective while also being innovative. Keep your decency.

10. Marketing
Now it’s time for marketing. It is the main part of your business. You have to follow so many steps only to market your products. Research the market very well, find out the target audience and the competitors as well. Follow USP, be unique, and grab the market.
11. Promote your products
Making your brand and product popular you have to promote yourself. For fresh shops, a traditional promotion will not work, you have to increase your communication process to make the customers interested in your shop. For fish farms, fish equipment shops, or canned products, readymade products, you will need proper advertising.
12. Grab the insurance
You can now not only pay taxes to the government, but you can also use the various insurance services of the government. There is a lot to learn about the fish business, and don't forget to take advantage of those changes.


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