No Smoking Day 2022 – Crush It Before It Crushes You

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No Smoking Day 2022 – Crush It Before It Crushes You
09 Mar 2022
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National No Smoking Day is an annual awareness day that falls on the second Wednesday of March every year. The date is March 9th this year, and despite the present issues surrounding the global pandemic, smokers around the world will be asked to abstain from smoking for the day.
The program, which began on Ash Wednesday 1984, was meant to increase awareness and emphasize the health consequences of smoking tobacco for both smokers and those who spend time with smokers daily, such as family and friends. It has been observed every year since then to encourage smokers to take the first step in quitting their nicotine addiction. #TWN

National No Smoking Day, observed on the second Wednesday of March, falls on March 9, 2022. The day is intended to be used to reach out to friends or family members who are addicted to nicotine. According to research, the number of people who still smoke cigarettes and are not actively trying to quit is rapidly decreasing around the world. The stigma associated with smoking, as well as the dangers of second-hand and first-hand smoke, tends to worsen over time. On National No Smoking Day, however, many people are encouraged to assist others in quitting smoking.

History of National No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day began in the Republic of Ireland on Ash Wednesday in 1984, when the ruling church decided that people should give up cigarettes for Lent. The date of the holiday has since been moved to a more predictable second Wednesday in March.

The first medical papers linking smoking to cancer occurred in the 1920s. Extensive studies in the 1950s and 1960s established that tobacco might cause a variety of serious ailments. Smoking then became less popular as people grew more aware of the health consequences of both active and passive smoking.

The British Heart Foundation, whose members come up with a marketing tagline every year, now organizes the National No Smoking campaign. In 2010, for example, the slogan was "Break free!" That year's television commercials depicted smokers breaking cigarettes rather than smoking them.

Historically, the Republic of Ireland was home to a large number of heavy smokers, but their numbers have progressively fallen in recent years. Over the previous three years, 80,000 people quit smoking, according to the annual Healthy Ireland Survey.

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills up to half of its users, with over 8 million people dying each year. More than 7 million of those deaths are the consequence of direct tobacco use, whereas around 1.2 million are the result of second-hand smoke exposure. Despite the numbers, government warnings, labeling, age and location limits all contributed to smoking's reduction.

How to Observe National No Smoking Day


There are a wealth of services available in the United States and the United Kingdom for any smoker who thinks they've had enough but needs assistance quitting. Giving up cigarettes for good is a difficult effort, but it is feasible with the help of helplines such as the CDC (800-QUIT-NOW or 800-784-8669).

Support a loved one who wants to quit

Because each person knows each friend or family member the best, a personalized approach to each individual is advised. Leaving literature around the house, discarding smokes, loving encouragement, or even nagging are all ways to assist loved ones. The most important thing is to be present for the person as they go through this difficult process.

Shop at stores that don’t sell tobacco products

The sheer absence of tobacco can have a beneficial effect on avoiding or terminating addiction. Choose stores that do not sell cigarettes so that there is no temptation to buy them, especially if you have friends or family members who are hooked.

Why Observe National No Smoking Day

It clears the air

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, secondhand smoke causes almost 41,000 deaths among adults in the United States each year. On National No Smoking Day, the more smokers who quit, the less secondhand smoke travels into non-smokers' lungs.

Good health is a good thing

Few people would dispute that longevity, easy breathing, and a healthy lifestyle are all undesirable things. Quitting smoking benefits your heart and lungs, as well as your complexion, sense of smell, and a variety of other factors.

It’s a hit to Big Tobacco

This business sells a deadly product. Big Tobacco still wields a lot of power in politics, but they won't be able to survive if the number of smokers falls below a certain threshold.

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