Don’t Torture Your Taste Buds While Losing Weight

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Don’t Torture Your Taste Buds While Losing Weight
26 Feb 2022
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Losing weight can be very hard, and if you are a foodie like me, diet control is the toughest part. One cannot simply survive on salad and boiled chicken and eggs. "Should I stop eating to lose weight" is a question that runs in the mind of many people! We need some flavor in our food, and while dieting, all the foods that you love are on the hit list. My friends, don't worry! I am here to provide you with the list of foods you can have while losing weight without worrying about calories. #TWN

Should I Stop Eating to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is not an easy task, apart from doing regular exercise you also have to compromise with tasty food, right? Wrong if you think that diet food needs to be boring, there are many options available that you can enjoy in your cutting phase without compromising on taste. Remember, diet does not mean eating less. It means eating right. Although many people have a common thought 'Should I stop eating to lose weight,' that is not the case. The quantity of food does not decide whether the food is healthy or not, E.G., A large bowl of green salad contains only 100 Kcal, while even a small cup of custard contains over 300 kcal. So it is not about how much you are eating it is just about what you are eating. Hence I am here to help you decide what to eat while you are on a calorie deficit. I will provide you with a proper diet and also will try to give you as many choices as possible while keeping our vegetarian brothers in mind.

We will split the article into three parts i.e., Starters, main course, and desserts. Yes, even desserts could be healthy if prepared with the right ingredients. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Foods to Avoid Eating to Lose Weight

Foods to Avoid Eating to Lose Weight

Before telling you what you should eat, I want to make you aware of what you should not eat, as eating the wrong food is as bad as not eating the right food. So here is a list of foods to avoid eating to lose weight:

Ice-Cream/ Frozen Desserts

Too much sugar, too much fat, too many artificial flavors, and too many preservatives. You should stay away from these kinds of frozen treats as much as possible, as they not only make you gain weight but also make you sick from the inside.

Sodas/Energy drinks/Packed fruit juices/Milkshakes/Any kind of drink that contains sugar

No matter how fewer calories these sodas contain, they are all empty calories. It means they don't provide you energy instead get stored in your body as fats.


Any kind of sweet with high content of sugar should be avoided during fat loss.

Junk Food

I don't think I need to comment on this, high in calories, too much sodium, and too much oil. Whatever you should avoid during your fat loss diet, they have it all, so it’s better to avoid them as much as possible.

Red meat

Yes, even red meat should be avoided during your fat loss journey, as they contain a lot of fat and not only make you fat but also increase the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. 

What to Eat for Weight Loss

Ok, now that we have talked about what you should not eat, let’s talk about what food to eat for weight loss:


What to Eat for Weight Loss

These are small meals that you could have any time you feel hungry. They could be eaten as snacks, breakfast, or even a late-night snack if you have a habit of staying up too late at night:

Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich

The name itself is the guide for preparing this sandwich, but still, I will provide you with the instructions to prepare it. Take a slice of wholegrain bread and spread some peanut butter on it. Add half a banana roughly sliced on top of your peanut butter and drizzle some honey on top to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s that simple and trusts me, it tastes phenomenal. Apart from that, it just has 150 Kcal and is loaded with protein and healthy fats.


Toss some corn in a pan and add a pinch of salt, and there you have it, a healthy snack the best part is even a large bowl of popcorn has around 100 Kcal. Remember not to add cheese or butter to your popcorn.

Protein Shake

No, I am not talking about whey protein or artificial proteins available in the market. Instead, I am talking about homemade protein shakes. Let’s see how to prepare a healthy and tasty protein shake. Grab some cashews, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, skimmed milk, one banana, some berries, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and finally some oats and honey. Blend them together, and you have prepared a very healthy and tasty protein shake. Just remember not to add sugar or any kind of artificial sweeteners or sugar.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer or cottage cheese is one of the most popular sources of protein in India. When it comes to tikka, an Indian cannot go wrong. For preparing this recipe, you just need 100g of low-fat paneer cut in cubes, some Indian spices, and curd, mix them all together and toss it in your oven at 350 and roast it for at least 10 min, and there you have it, the tastiest diet food ever.

Main Course

What to Eat for Weight Loss

Now you have brilliant snacks options that you can have guilt-free and without worrying about the calories, but what about the main course because snacks may help you with your cravings for the short-term, but they cannot keep you full for the whole day. So, let’s talk about the main course and meals that keep you fuller for much longer.

High Protein Ramen

Who doesn't love Ramen but the tastemaker contains too much sodium. Hence we often avoid them. But I am here to provide you with a much healthier version of your favorite ramen noodles that not only taste delicious but are also high in protein. Let’s take a look at its preparation. Grab a bowl and add your noodles along with 1 cup of chicken broth and toss them into your oven and cook for 2-3 minutes. Boil up your favorite veggies and cook two eggs as per your liking, and if you want, you can also cook some chicken, but do not fry them either roast them or boil them. Now, let’s assemble your ramen bowl, add your ramen along with broth to the bowl, top it off with the veggies, eggs, and chicken that you cooked earlier, and add just a little bit of barbeque sauce and you are good to go.


What? Divyanshu, are you crazy? How can Oatmeals be tasty? My friend, you are reading the article written by a foodie and trust me, I know how to make even the most boring foods interesting. So, I will even provide you with options. Either you can have them sweet or spicy, your call.

  • Let’s take a look at the sweet option: Grab a saucepan and add some oats along with soy milk. Once they are half cooked, add some cashew, almonds, raisins, some berries, and even fruits if you like. When your meal is almost ready, add some maple syrup or honey, and there you have it, your healthy and tasty oatmeal, and trust me, they are far better than your regular salt and water oatmeal.
  • Indian style Masala oats: No, don’t go out and buy those masala oats available at your Indian Grocery store as they contain too much sodium and sugar in them. We are going to prepare a much healthier homemade version of them. Grab a frying pan, add some Ghee or Clarified Butter and wait for it to melt. Once your ghee is liquid, toss in some cumin seeds, some black pepper, some cinnamon, and some chopped garlic. Once your garlic is brown, add some onions and after they become translucent, add in your favorite veggies and cook them for about 5 minutes. Now toss in 1 cup of oats and 1.5 cups of water. Once the water starts to boil, add turmeric powder, garam masala, cinnamon powder, and a pinch of salt. Once your oats are done, add some cilantro on top of them, and you are done.


It is a food you eat guilt-free and, you don’t even need to prepare them at home as there are not many ingredients added to it. Hence, go to your closest Japanese restaurant and grab a plate of sushi and start munching on them. Just make sure to have them in their purest form and not to eat the ones who have experimented with, like once that contain mayo or once that or once that have been pan-fried.

Healthy Tacos

Grab some corn tortillas and toast them a little in your Pan. Now add some lettuce, tomatoes, boiled chicken, boiled and diced eggs, some Italian seasoning, some chili flakes, a hint of lime juice, and some tabasco sauce. Boom, you have the healthiest taco of your life with all the nutrients and much less in calories than your taco bell order. 


What to Eat for Weight Loss

Now that you have a lot of options for your main course and snacks, let’s satisfy your sweet tooth:

Protein Mug Cake

Grab your favorite protein powder and add some water or milk to it. Just add enough water to make a thick mixture of it and top it off with some raisins and some dark chocolate, microwave it for 10 minutes, and you have a delicious cake to satisfy your cravings without worrying about the calories.

Sour Grapes Candy

If you are a fan of sour candies, you are going to love this recipe; grab some grapes and toss them into some lime juice and freeze them for at least six hours, and you have your favorite sour candy but in a much healthier form. 

Frozen Yogurt

Again, don’t buy them from the store. They are way too sweet and are not healthy at all. I will give you a much healthier option of those; Get yourself a cup of greek yogurt, toss in some berries, and blend them until smooth, and there you have it, a much healthier and much tastier alternative to your favorite ice cream.

Date Shake

No, this is not some kind of milkshake you can have on your date. It is a healthy version of your favorite shakes. Let’s take a look at the recipe. In a blender, add some dates without the seeds, some yogurt, and some honey. Blend them until smooth, and you will have a cool and refreshing milkshake, but it won’t make you fat. You can also try this recipe with Mango, strawberries, pineapple, etc.


It is Rice pudding enjoyed all over India, and it is a much healthier option than your traditional pudding. Let's take a look at its recipe. In a pot, add some milk and let it simmer. Add some saffron threads to it and boil until the color of the milk changes. Add your rice and boil until the milk and rice form a kind of thick paste. When the pudding reaches this consistency, add some honey or jaggery powder but avoid adding sugar. Serve it after your jaggery dissolves. You also top it off with some nuts if you want.


Losing weight is not an overnight process it takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Good food combined with regular exercise gives you the best results, and healthy food does not mean that the food should be boring. We can achieve a fit physique without compromising our favorite dishes just by playing with the ingredients. People often fail to remain consistent in their fitness journey because of their lack of knowledge about what to eat and what to avoid. This article aimed to provide you with a lot of options of food so that you don’t give up on your fitness journey just because of your cravings. Do you know eating healthy at the right time of the day will boost your overall body system, and it is best recommended to have your dinner before the sunset?

But as I said, healthy food along with regular exercise is the best way to lose weight. I have provided you with some of the best food options. Try to add exercise to your daily routine, taking a long walk, jogging, yoga, gyming, swimming are some of the great options to add up to your daily exercise routine and will not only help you in losing weight but also will improve your heart health, skin, will promote healthy digestion, and will provide an overall healthier lifestyle

Health Benefits of Eating Healthy and Avoiding Unhealthy Food

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