9 Business Lessons we Learn from Squid Game

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9 Business Lessons we Learn from Squid Game
21 Dec 2021
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Squid Game isn't just about the game. It also includes several life lessons that may be practiced and used in the actual world. What makes a team or organization successful are strategic, compassionate leaders with a clear vision and purpose, who encourage their employees to learn, grow, and operate in an agile manner, who infuse inclusion inside and outside the business, and who can build true connections among their people. Continue reading to learn more. #ThinkwithNiche

Squid Game, a South Korean drama series created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, is streaming on Netflix at the top of the rankings. The show appeals to a wide range of viewers, including those who prefer suspense and thrillers, as well as those who enjoy emotional, dramatic, and comic elements. That is why we believe the current buzz around this program is well-deserved, and it is the ideal show for anybody looking for something fresh to binge on.

Squid Game is more than just an entertaining survival game series. Squid Game isn't just about the game. It also includes several life lessons that may be practiced and used in the actual world.

Teamwork is Always the best way to achieve success

Entrepreneurs and business owners are renowned for attempting to wear numerous hats, either to maintain control over all aspects of their company or to save money. The tug-of-war episode of Squid Game shows how team members may outplay a far physically stronger team of opponents by listening to each other, thinking, and working together. We must be able to operate as a team to flourish. Our companies rely on it frequently.

Strategy and Planning

You've already won the fight if you're on the losing end of the game but have better preparation and strategies than your opponents. The identical scenarios are shown in the show's Tug of War game. On the one hand, there is a team of entirely strong guys, and on the other hand, there is a team of ladies and an elderly man. It appears that the other team will lose, yet this is not the case. The old guy devises a plan and method to defeat all the powerful men and saves his life from being crushed. A company organization's two pillars are strategy and planning. Only shows you the graphs, while the other instructs you on how to go to the graph's highest point.

Think Out of the Box

In one of the games, participants must use a needle to cut a form on their honeycomb without shattering it. It's not easy to carve the forms with a needle in under ten minutes, but player 456, Gi Hun, discovered that licking the back of the honeycomb to break off the undesired bits is simpler. When he began doing this, several people around him began to follow suit, and he was able to complete the round. An issue can be solved in a variety of ways. Prepare to think beyond the box to survive. Dare to think beyond the box to attain your goal.

Experience always Help you in Future

Players must cross a bridge made of glass panels in the game glass stepping stones. The problem is that half of them are glass panels that cannot support a person's weight, while the other half are tempered glass that can support the weight of two people. One of the players was a glassmaker who could distinguish between the various glasses and thereby find his way through the maze. Your co-workers may have previous experience that you may use to deal with potential job issues. As a result, the experience never goes futile.

Remember your Budget While Spending

In the Squid game, all the participants share something in common. That is the amount owed. 456 players joined Squid Game out of desperation, unaware of the game's terrible repercussions due to overspending, addiction, and other unwise actions. They struggled through nerve-wracking games and confrontations for money, putting him on the verge of death several times throughout the performance. So, always keep track of your costs and never spend more than you have.

Finishing last does not mean failure

The glass stone game teaches a valuable lesson. Last place does not imply failure. Learning from other people's errors and making better-informed judgments has a benefit. People who are ahead of us may fail first because they were ahead of you and faced problems unprepared. It's not about who came first or last in business; it's about who managed to stay in the race through many setbacks. When we join the corporate world, we find hundreds of other companies with similar concepts to ours. But that should not deter us from pursuing our goals. Even though we fall several times, we should never give up. Instead, we should keep attempting to cross the finish line. You're winning if you know how to get back on your feet after a hundred falls.

Don’t rush through life

The majority of those who took part in the Squid Game were in a haste to complete each challenge, and they paid a high price for it. In the Red light Green light game, one of the players tried to hurry up and end up dying. Our lives become a succession of tasks, and our constant hurry compels us to consider things before people. While having a plan is crucial, don't lose sight of the most important aspects of your life.

Good Leadership is the key to success

The only tool available to players in the honeycomb game is a sewing needle, which they must use to cut out a sweet shape without breaking it. When player 456 is in a hurry and must release the form, he realizes that licking the back of the candy helps. When the other players notice, they do the same thing. In the tug of war, players 456 and 218 also play the role of good leaders, leading the team to victory by making the proper judgments. The lesson here is that if you exhibit leadership, others will follow you.

Stay Calm In The Worst Situations

The first game, 'Red Light-Green Light,' is the series' turning point, in which the actual tale and storyline are revealed. As shown in the scene, a guy who disobeyed a game rule is shot dead, causing the other 455 players to fear. This resulted in a barrage of gunfire in the initial few minutes of the incident. Taking it seriously, discovering other people's failures makes us less confident in our job, which leads to our failure. You will discover that your issue is unique if you remain cool and patient and look around to grasp the possibilities. Losing hope because of other people's failures isn't always the best thing to do, but learning from their mistakes with patience can undoubtedly help you succeed in your business.


Strong players do not form great teams, as Squid Game teaches us. Strategic, compassionate leaders with a clear vision and purpose, who encourage their employees to learn, grow, and operate in an agile way, who infuse inclusion inside and beyond the business, and who can build true connections among their people are what make a team or organization successful.

Finally, those are the characteristics that might help an organization become more resilient and prepared for future problems.

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