Marketing and Sales- The Two Keys to Growth

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Marketing and Sales- The Two Keys to Growth
06 Sep 2021
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While it is correct to say that marketing and sales are two pillars of success, they are like two faces of  the same coin, similar to each other yet holding key differences which if given equal attention shall yield profitable results. The fact that confuses many people is that these two terms sound very similar to each other and play a significant role in increasing the company’s revenue despite it, as the institution grows, these two fields become more and more specialized. #ThinkWithNiche

If I were to give you a simple explanation, I’d say that marketing is like a groundwork for the framework of a strong sales record. Marketing is about finding leads and promotion while sales is clinching the deal. 

This might sound very easy but it is not as easy as it sounds. These two aspects involve complication to a great extent. 

Unfortunately many companies do not understand the inverse relation between the two. In many companies these two departments keep on having a competition with each other which results in overall loss of the company. 

Let us now take a look as to why the marketing and sales team need to work together-

1. Benefits to the Customer

Imagine if marketing and sales team guide the customer to one destination, that is, to purchase the product or avail the service, they will both reap the benefit of the profits, they certainly will. Hence it is highly important to note that the customer is guided by the correct person to the right kind of the product. 

2. Improved Customer Experience

A quick response from the marketing team which is in sync with the sales team shall create an improved customer experience, ask me why? Because the customer will reach the end product more quickly than expected, technically the aim is to prioritize the customer experience.

3. Collaborating Together

If sales and marketing start collaborating together on target goals, personalization and shared content, they will achieve goals together, in the end yielding more profits. If a high level content or relevant resources are available for the sales team, they will benefit from it in their proposals and good sales enablement. 

4. Top Performance in Market

The prime function of the marketing tram is to keep up with the latest trends and analyze and work accordingly, by working together, the marketing team will ensure that the sales team will target the tactics in the right directions . This allows the sales team to ensure the maximum sale and stay ahead in the competition, a superior experience than other companies who do not focus on the link between the two.

The above mentioned factors are to be taken seriously by the emerging companies who wish to ensure a secure future, cut down the gap between the marketing and sales team, do not put them at a competition with each other, together they are more stronger than fighting individually. When these two teams work in sync, they bring in success and growth, they shall flourish together.

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