Men’s Trimmers - A perfect Guide

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Men’s Trimmers - A perfect Guide
04 Jan 2022
6 min read

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Shaving a beard was a compulsory thing in the last decade. Today, people trim their beards to look manly and rugged. Why should you stay behind from the men of today? Read this article and get started by giving your beard the best makeover. #ThinkWithNiche

Trimmers just changed the way we men are groomed. From using stones to blades and now trimmers, men just got what they needed. Being a man, you will always be afraid of your style after your barber practices his hairstyling skills on you. Trimmer is the way to try for yourself. In this article, you’ll learn about the basics of these magnificent little tools and a small guide to go nuts and groom yourself.

Trimmers used today are very different from vintage trimmers in terms of functioning and precision. You will know about both the types and decide yourself if you want to groom yourself or let the barber groom you the way he wants.

What are Trimmers?

In earlier days, trimmers were called hair clippers and were operated manually. They used to have handles on them like scissors and were used as scissors. The only difference was the multiple-blade setup. Barbers used these manual clippers to work faster and be a bit more precise. It made the military cut hairstyle popular back then, and such hairstyle is still relevant. Talking about the origin of manual clippers, they were invented way back in 1850 to 1890. A Siberian barber invented this revolutionary device to help mankind in fighting bad hairstyles. In India, manual clippers or manual trimmers were go-to tools for the barbers that they carried with them to shave off the heads of their customers.

After the success of manual clippers came the electronic trimmers dominated the grooming market. These devices just changed the way we work on ourselves. Electrical trimmers are similar to traditional clippers, but they lack moving handles due to the incorporation of electrical motors to power the blades. These trimmers made the styling and hair removal process very easy and time-saving.

Trimmers work like scissor blades. Multiple teeth like blades are near each other and move in opposite directions. When hair gets in between these blades, it is cut off. These trimmers can get up close to the skin without hurting or injuring you. When blades move at high speed, they tend to produce friction that can damage the device. To prevent this, keep the blades lubricated with oil, and you are good to go.

Trimming guide for young men.

Did you hit puberty recently? Does your facial hair bother you? are you afraid to ask your barber to trim your beard? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you must read this guide to get started.

1.   Choose which trimmer is best for you.

Today there are zillions of products to choose from and to choose the right one amongst these is a job you have to do. Make sure whatever device you choose; it must give you an even shave with minimal power usage and should not cost much. Trimmers from Philips and Wahl are among the best you can try. They give even shape to your beard and come with guards. Try getting a waterproof trimmer that can be used when you are in the bathroom. It will save you time.

2.   Find the right length that looks good on you.

Not everyone can rock every length of beard on them. Not everyone can look good shaved. It’s up to you to make sure what looks good on you. You must take notice of your desired length. If you like a full beard on your face, trim the side and fade it. It might look good on you. If you like a shorter beard, all you need is to use a trimmer without any guard on it. The trimmer will crop down the beard, and you will be good to go.

3.   Lubricate your trimmer

Before using your trimmer, put the oil that comes with it on the blade. Applying oil can reduce the friction between blades and can prevent injuries that can occur due to friction. Turn on the trimmer before pouring oil drops. After pouring the oil let your trimmer run for at least 20 seconds or more. Extra oil will be gone, and now you can wipe the blades before running them on your face.

4.   Begin your trimming journey

Now that your trimmer is ready! Start trimming the beard. If you have a long beard, then put guard (No.3) on it and even it out. Keep reducing the number of the guard until you reach your desired look. While lowering the guard, use upward motion to get even trim. Remember, always move the trimmer in the opposite direction to the growth of your beard. You will prevent many skin problems by following this small step.

5.   Clearing up the stray hair

Now that you have trimmed your manly beard, you might see some stray hair left that escaped the wrath of your trimmer. For them, remove the guard and place it on them. It will give perfect shape when strays are gone.

You will get your perfectly trimmed beard in a matter of seconds. If you follow the steps, you will soon be a perfect man to groom yourself in the best way possible.

Types of trimmers

Being a mammal, a man has hair all over his body. To remove them, trimmers have evolved to do the job. Now keep in mind that not every trimmer can be used at every place on your body. A face trimmer cannot be used to trim the hair in your nasal cavity. You might end up hurting your nose if you tried trimming.

  • Hair trimmers

These trimmers are used to trim the body hair, but it is not recommended to use a trimmer for different parts of the body. It can cause certain allergic skin infections. Skin textures vary all over the body, and so does the hair present on them. Every trimmer works differently. It might damage the hair if used on the skin it wasn’t intended to. Manscape is one such company that makes trimmers according to different parts of a man.

  • Beard trimmers

These are probably the most popular series of men's trimmers that every man wishes to own. These are designed to deal with your hard, stubborn facial hair we call a beard. These can make your wild beard look tamed and give you the desired look you want. They come in many different ways. Choosing the right trimmer for your beard can be a tedious thing to do, but once you get your perfect companion, you’ll love your beard. Today, Philips is the best-known company that makes men's trimmers, especially for the beard.

  • Ear & nose trimmers

These trimmers don’t look like trimmers at all. The trimmer for the ear and nose looks like a pen with a broader nip. These trimmers can enter the canal and clear the hair without harming the sensitive skin present in them. Philips makes the best trimmers for ear and nose hair trimming.

These men’s trimmers are what every man needs to have in their kit. A man with a clean and well-shaped beard is far better than a man with a long but shabby beard. Remember, a well-maintained beard can inculcate a habit of fixing things, and you can fix your life in the same way you fixed your beard.

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