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Men Are Specialized Demographic
02 Sep 2021
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Natasha, Grace, and Chris joined Nathanassa and Alex for a review of the previous week's events. But first, some personal information: Danny will no longer be co-hosting the Friday show! Mr. Crichton will continue to appear on our weekly deep-dive programmed, but his time on the news roundup has come to an end. His skills and humour will be missed, but we're glad to know they'll live on in the Equity world Who is going to take the third seat in the room? Please return later for additional details. We're going to have a lot of fun, it appears. #ThinkWithNiche.

Here's a Rundown of What's Going on:

  1. Maven founded a unicorn in women's health, Monte Carlo raised $60 million for data observability, and Launch House raised $3 million for venture community development. It's reasonable to assume that the last round was the most heated, so we all took sides and discussed what's new and what's old about hacker homes.

  2. Following that, there will be a lot of significant IPOs. Thank you for welcoming the startup industry's rising seniors, the companies that will be our next IPOs. On the list of top 100 are Discord, Databricks, Chime, and Carta, which made headlines this week after determining its own worth using its own technique. Who will be the third party on whom investors and start-ups will rely to determine the worth of their businesses? What if secondary investors aren't as passionate about your concept as you are? Our heads were racing with inquiries.

  3. Brazil's startup and exit industry is thriving. After Nuvemshop raised a billion dollars, we decided to get down and talk about Brazil. Alex and Anna Heim have been careful and comprehensive in their reporting on the exit market. Dual-listings? Who thought it would be so dramatic?

  4. We went home after a lengthy stay overseas to talk about the media business with individuals we know. A trio of media workers believe they are well-informed. Danny wrote on how subscription-based newspapers' economics might be addressed in his essay. However, if you're the type of reader who prefers a snack over a complete meal, this episode isn't for you.

  5. Last but not least, YikYak will undoubtedly return.



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