Marketing Lessons from Gary Vee

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Marketing Lessons from Gary Vee
11 Nov 2021
7 min read

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If you are a budding entrepreneur learning more, learning fast, and applying immediately what you just learned you’ll be considered on the right track by the social media sensation Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a businessman who has made a fortune starting a business from scratch. He is the entrepreneurial guru who gives unorthodox advice to the youth but also hustles himself daily. He is the author of bestselling books: “Crush It!”, “Crushing It!”, “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook”. Let’s draw a few buckets of knowledge from this ocean. #ThinkWithNiche

As smart, witty, and hustle-filled as he is, so is his advice. Let’s see what he has got for us.

1. Excuses are for non-hustlers

If you follow GaryVee, one of the most used questions is plain: “And?” When people come to looking for advice and tell their whole story, most of the time, he only has one question for them, which is “And what you are doing about it?” He goes on to say if you are stuck in a situation that’s gripping you tightly, you can simply shout, complain and do nothing about it or take a different road and do something to either change the situation or find a way to get out of it. He stresses the fact that whether you make income through sales or by being a social media influencer or providing your service to the consumers, you must make no excuses at any stage in the process. Be it the beginning, middle, or the end of the task, you must not let your mind trick you and fall back into the pit of unproductivity. Rather face whatever conditions you are bound by and tackle them with your head held up high.

2. Become the master of your field

It is said that if you want to be at the top in life, pick your skill and master it. Pick any field of life, be it business, sports, or education, and now look at all of those successful people who did nothing but work on one chosen skill. They picked one skill and nailed it in their field. Now you may argue, this world is about multi-tasking, not being the master of one trade. Ok cool! Look at those people again! They would be spreading themselves in many zones, but when? Only when they nailed it in their field and reached the top, they go on to explore. So, master your skill, reach the top then think of expanding. A juggler starts juggling with two balls, then he adds another ball and then another, and then eventually, shows off his skill by juggling 8 balls at once. So, its expansion works the upward way, not the other way around.

3. Juice out social media

GaryVee has been a social media influencer for more than a decade now. And he stresses on the businesses to do the same. He says those coffee table talks have now changed! If you want to make your way into the conversation, post stuff online. He emphasizes taking your business online and on every platform possible. His lessons on social media marketing stand as one of the most common reasons for him being sought after.

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