Logo Alert: Make Your Signature Style With Care

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Logo Alert: Make Your Signature Style With Care
31 Jul 2021
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Every brand has its own signature style which represents by its logo mark. But logo designing is not a quick process. You have to keep in mind every single detail. But what do you have to remember. No spoiler, Read the article below. The logo is the signature style of the brand. It may be a small brand or a big one, Logo is very important. Every person has their identity and signature, similarly, every brand has a unique name with Logo. The logo is the identification of a brand. #ThinkWithNiche

A Signature-Style Has the Power to Take You Thousand Miles More

The logo is the signature style of the brand. It may be a small brand or a big one, Logo is very important. Every person has their identity and signature, similarly, every brand has a unique name with Logo. The logo is the identification of a brand. A logo has the power to make you successful. If the Logo is unattractive, the brand image also got fade. No matter how good the products or the services are Logo matters. Often the brands make mistakes in designing, a small mistake in business can take you to failure.
Here are some common mistakes done while preparing the Logo.

1. Never be a Copy-Cat

As previously mentioned, Logo is for brand identification and uniqueness. If you copy in your exam, you can’t win, similarly copying a Logo will make your image go down. Copying other’s logos is the number one mistake, which surely will leave a bad impact on your customers. Not only the brand Impression will be at a loss, but also it leads to plagiarism. You have to pay for your bootlegging. So, always be unique.

2. Be Careful Selecting Fonts

A logo is going to carry your brand image. So, don’t ruin that image using inopportune fonts. Selecting proper fonts has to be an important choice for the designer. Use your professional mind while creating the logo. Always remember the target audience while selecting fonts. If your target audiences are the children use some comical logo but for serious customers don’t ever try to use any childish fonts. Using too many fonts is also a very unprofessional act. It will create confusion and also can lead to misconceptions. Try to complete the logo within two fonts.

3. Color Matters
As the fonts color selection is also a vital act. Avoid using illusional colors. Plan out the logo with an artistic mind. The logo is the brand identity that will grab customers' attention that doesn’t mean your logo will make the customers go blind. Adding too much shine to the logo will be unprofessional. All the colors have their own meaning, try to research about colors and then choose your logo color. Always remember that color will affect the mind psychologically.

4. Follow The Trends

Be an upgraded businessman. Try to follow the trend and walk with the time. But don’t give too much attention to the trend. It is the common mistake most of the brand do while designing the logo. They did a lot of research on recent trends and use them in making logos, they make think that it will attract the customers more, but this conception is totally wrong. What is new today will be old tomorrow. But your logo is your brand identity which will remain forever. So, if you follow too many trends it will be old a few times after. So, avoiding the trend will be the master idea.

5. Don’t Make it Too Simple

The logo will show your brand weight, the brand. So, making it too simple can make your reputation a little lower. This is a common mistake, many brands try to make their logo simple to make it consumer-friendly, but unfortunately, too much simplicity is a bad choice.

6. Over Complexity Leads to Confusion
Telling not to use much simplicity doesn’t mean to make it over-complex. Making the logo too much complex will lead to illusion and confusion. Always remember that your customers are of every level, it will be confusing and be tough to get the original message of the logo. Complexity will unnecessarily create crowds and misconceptions.

7. Images Impression
The logo mostly contains a small image which helps the customers to get a quick idea about the brand. Many brands make mistakes while selecting images. The image must be clear. Don’t use a rusty and hazy image. It will make the customers misunderstand the company. Also, always avoid stock images or clip arts. As said earlier, the logo is your signature style. Have you ever used others' signatures as yours, so, why using readymade stock images, build your uniqueness, your identification?

8. Extract Extras
Avoid unnecessary images, fonts, and other additions. Using extra material is just creating crowd and complexity. When someone asked you your name, you never answer all your details, so the same goes for the logo. It is just a small idea about your company. Don’t try to tell the brand history and full story through the logo. Remove extra adding.

9. Think Before You Do

As you think and make a plan before opening the business, think before making the logo. Think who are your target audiences, what is your company goal, what type of brand is yours? Then design the logo accordingly. If you are opening an ayurvedic product brand and you are giving some harsh image, it will go mismatch. Try to understand every detail then design the logo accordingly.

10. Proper Placement

The logo consists of some fonts, images, and some designs. Place them properly. Don’t try to create a jumbled design. Again, it will create confusion and misconception. The proper placement is very much necessary which most of the brands forgot to do. It is a huge mistake.


After great hard work, you have opened your dream business. So, don’t lose your pace while creating the logo. It is going to promote your brand, don’t compromise in making the logo. Take some more time and build your signature style, build your image and make your future glow. 

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