Figma - Tool to unleash your UX skills

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Figma - Tool to unleash your UX skills
18 Dec 2021
8 min read

Blog Post

Your creativity is what drives you! Use your creativity to make something worth noticing. Capture that attention span and stand out with Figma. What is Figma? Read the blog and be creative! #ThinkWithNiche

I know you are a creative person, and you are trying to find a way to channel your creativity. If I say your creativity can be utilized very well the in future-ready industry, what will you think? This guy is crazy! How can one get a job based on his creativity? Listen to me, my friend, I will help you to kick start your creative journey and to know it fully, read it all, and you might get lucky.

In today’s world, the average human attention span is 8 seconds, 4 seconds less than recorded in 2000. Now to get the attention of your human customer/ audience, you need to make something that can grasp their attention in the first 8 seconds of interaction. That’s where your creativity comes into play. You get to design apps that can grasp the attention of your customer, and they fiddle around on your applications. UI/UX design is solely dependent on your creativity. You can make beautiful applications for different clients in the most beautiful and accessible way possible. For doing that, you need to tap into your creative side, and Figma is the way to do it. Learning Figma is like a walk in a park only when you like walking. Having passion will help you go through the learning process easier. Soon you will be designing great UX and step up the game for others.

What is Figma?

Figma is a software that every aspiring UX designer uses and gets comfortable with very easily. Figma is a tool (vector graphic editor) and is used for prototyping. It is a web-based application with extended features to help it run offline on Windows and macOS. Figma also has a mobile version of the app (android and iOS), which allows you to view and interact with Figma prototypes in real-time. Figma is the first step to unlocking your creative skills. If you are well versed with the user interface and experience fundamentals, Figma will be relatively easy for you to master Figma. Figma logo is very distinctive, and you can say, very creatively made. Figma logo makes alphabet F by the combination of various colors and shapes making the alphabet F. This shows what you can achieve with your creativity. Figma has been the favorite of many graphic designers and web app developers. You can do anything on this application, from developing a web-based app to a social media post.

Download Figma for free and unleash your creativity.

Figma is very different from other graphic design applications. It can run directly on your web browser, be it Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Figma running on the web browser saves a lot for you. You can make projects and designs without thinking about any license. You don’t even need to install the Figma on your computer although, they have the application. The browser version runs the same as the app will run.

Where can you learn Figma from?

YouTube is the one place you can start with if you have the itchy hands to search and find out in the vast library of videos. It has many independent content creators, which will teach you Figma in their crash courses. Figma has its own YouTube channel, which can be great for learning. There you can learn the basics and decide if this field and this software are for you or not. Apart from YouTube and the content creators on it, you could get yourself enrolled in online courses offered by Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and many more educational platforms out there. To learn Figma for free, Click Here.

Figma Pricing

Figma has done a wonderful job regarding its pricing! it’s free! Yes, it is free, and you can start working on it in just a few clicks. Being available for free, you will have some limitations in the number of projects. In the free version, you can only do up to three projects. If you have people you want to work with on the same project, you need to buy a plan that isn’t costly. With the paid plan, you can collaborate with your team in real-time and can work on multiple projects. Figma pricing is something you need not worry about. The free version will be enough for you to learn and excel in your designer journey.

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