10 Best WordPress Themes for 2021

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10 Best WordPress Themes for 2021
03 Oct 2021
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These were the 10 Best WordPress Themes of 2021 and trying  all of them won’t cost you a fly,  select which best fits the category of your website. At the present, a lot of readers online navigate a website based on the theme of the website, so imagine the possibilities. #ThinkWithNiche

Since 2021 is the new decade and a lot of people are creating their own businesses, you will also find yourself creating new websites or blogs for many reasons. Websites and blogs are the best way to boost your upcoming businesses. WordPress is the new IT in the blogging space, while more and more people are opting for WordPress, you should be aware of the best WordPress themes that made rounds in the year 2020. WordPress is the most useful and most easy-to-use open-source content management system. The best feature of WordPress is that it is free and comes with extra paid features. In order to make your start-up websites look more appealing and attractive, we have the 10 best WordPress themes of 2021. Choose your designs carefully and attract more audiences to your websites.

How To Select WordPress Theme for Your Blogs

First, know what you want to deliver to your readers and the audience. Make sure you have implemented all the plans in place in order to know what your website is about. Select the category of products and services you would like to display on your blog. 
Be Clear- Clarity is the path to success. If you are clear with your blog theme, then it will be easier for the audience to recognize what your blog is trying to deliver (a message about a product or service)
Have One Theme- Don’t switch or confuse your readers by changing the themes of your blog. Stick to one theme and let the colors of your blog theme do the talking. Readers will only jump to your blogs if your WordPress blog theme is well-defined and well-structured. 

Here Are The Top 10 Best WordPress Themes of 2021

1. Zum- Personal Blog WordPress Theme by iDoodle. The first on the list is ZUM. The reason why ZUM is on the top 10 best WordPress themes for 2021 is that it consists of a luxurious theme that is catered according to all the styles of blogs and magazines. While they are very customizable, they can be easily updated and maintained in a jiffy. You will love to show off your work while using this theme and can attract the audience in no time.

2. Clean Shop PSD Template by Middleton- In case you start your own business and you aim to sell products. This theme will fulfill all your needs. Specially designed for online businesses and client bases, it focuses mainly on selling. This theme for your website will provide you with all the product images and descriptions, reviews, blogs, promotions, etc.

3. Magazine And Blog PSD Template by Middleton-This theme is the best which covers attractive home page design in order to provide a befitting theme for a magazine, blog, or other creative work in any required written format. This theme is a very organized and easily customizable template. 

4. MT Photography by Model Theme- Since photographers are obsessed with all thing’s "perfection", this theme is fit for those users who want to persuade themselves into a “photography portfolio”. You can flaunt full-screen images, pop-up cover photos, square collage home-screens, and a basic and easy-to-understand menu. This theme is good for photographer-goes and it also features blogs, the About Me section, and a Contact page. 

5. Fashionist – WooCommerce WordPress Theme by KL-Web Media- If you want to make a splash in the fashion industry, this theme is the best for flaunting your artistic work. The reason why this is of our top 10 best WordPress themes of 2021 is because of its intricate details. The minimalistic design of this template will allow your products and designer items to be noticeable. From product descriptions, other text, and blog posts, this theme is the ultimate choice for your business. 

6. Bagja – Responsive Multi Concept & One Page Portfo by Ridianur- This theme is sleek, carrying modern designs, creative design professionals, freelance photographers will surely prefer this theme to showcase their products. This theme carries a plethora of home page layout options and the best thing is that it is customizable.  

7. NatureCircle – Organic WooCommerce WordPress Theme by Roadthemes- This theme carries all health for the mind, body, and soul type of material required for the business. You can showcase a plethora of items from fruits, vegetables, skincare, etc

8. Farvis – Multipurpose WordPress Theme by Templates-This theme is the best theme of 2021 since it is extremely versatile and rectangular, it's clean-cut designs make it even fit for a new business that wants to flaunt its services. This theme is the most modern, stylish, and customizable theme in order to create your websites. 

9. Portfolio, Creative, Theme – Architecture by Bright Themes- This theme strongly focuses on the image display and is an absolute steal for any property management firm or architecture. With bold features and modern designs, 13 special elements make this theme special to use. 

10. X Theme-This theme is very modern for present times. They feature pre-built templates that you can easily edit and customize. You can play with themes, customize your layout, move your navigation bar, and create custom pages. You do a lot more with this theme in order to boost your website and look alluring and appealing to the audience.

Final Verdict- These were the 10 Best WordPress Themes for 2021 and we hope you try all of them and select which best fits the category of your website. At the present, a lot of readers online navigate a website based on the theme of the website. 

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