List of Successful Indian Entrepreneurs 2021

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List of Successful Indian Entrepreneurs 2021
24 Aug 2021
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India has the world's biggest democracy, and India endures the second-largest population behind China. However, India has signified estimating the quickly growing economic country in the list of top most developing countries of the world because India has several surpassing entrepreneurs who are sparkle enrichment to magnifying the Indian economy. #ThinkWithNiche.

Let’s make a great question in your mind that, do you want to become an entrepreneur or do a start-up for a new business? So, this blog exists just for you guys. Here we are bestowing the success stories of top brand-new Indian entrepreneurs who have to construct multi-million outlets and companies in India and across the world. Forthwith, they have enriched inspirational grace for the Indian youth.

Top Entrepreneurship in India 

Here we have done more further research on this topic lately we have got few most successful entrepreneurs in India. Hopefully will help you to achieve your valuable dream.

Dhirubhai Ambani Founder of Reliance

Dhirubhai left his education at fourteen when he was just in high school. He started vending meals beside the streets. Then he laboured on petrol with a friend he managed to work a lot. In 1995, he commenced his own business onward with his brother, and only a few years after the perceived success in his polyester business, polyester had fitted successful sales because it was easily affordable and prevalent among the Indians.
Dhirubhai shifted with time. He sprang new telecommunication moreover petroleum oil Reliance company in India.

Promptly Reliance family has been managing multiple entrepreneurship projects.
Reliance International school.
Reliance Hospitals.
Reliance Telecommunication.

They also have been deep cooperation in charitable endeavors in rustic and city India.

Ritesh Agrawal Founder of OYO Hotels

Ritesh was rising in a lower-middle-class family at the age of 12. He rose to sell sim cards, did struggle a lot. He had not a college degree besides has made millions. He created the second-largest hotel bracelet in the world at such a young age. It is steadily about solving real problems for him.

20 he moved decided to start- up
21 he had own 50 members of OYO staffs
26 has 43000 hotels of OYO

Biju’s Ravindran Founder of BYJU'S- India’s Best Online Educational Learning App

Biju Ravindran has designed an innovative educational experience in India. He has proffered a democratic floor to acquire education and mold a better prospect for the Indian students. Today, millions of children study on this platform. Biju handled work in a small company as an engineer nevertheless was not contented with his work, then he started a coaching class

Presently, he has driven a public educational corporate. That preparing the students for all Indian competitive exams like NEET, GATE, IAS while sitting at home.

Bhavish Aggarwal

Bhavish Aggarwal is an Indian entrepreneur and co-founder of OLA cabs company. Early, he ran as an employee in Microsoft then started his service-provided company with his friend Ankit Bhati. As soon the service of OLA cabs passed famous in India in just a few years,
It has become India’s most cab provider company. According to a description, OLA has approx. 2 million agents and, installed in more than 250 cities. Also, in big countries like America, Canada. 

Vijay Shankar Sharma

Vijay relates to a small town in Aligarh, the originator of the Paytm company. Paytm is the initial largest digital payment gateway in India.
Today Paytm has embodied the new digital transitions assistance with a 0% charge on merchant UPI banking system.
Paytm supports making corrupt less and paperless bank money transfers.