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Let’S Talk!
31 Jul 2021
8 min read

Blog Post

Today, the world is fast-moving and technology-oriented. There is very little time and room for emotions, feelings, and sensitivity. Do you even remember the last time you took a break and felt happy? Honestly, I don’t! So, here I extend you a warm welcome. #ThinkWithNiche.

We all have a lot of personal and professional issues. Everything contributes to and affects the status of your mental health. Sometimes we do not even realize when and how these thoughts come in and got settled in our minds only to make matters worse. 

People have been avoiding talking about mental health issues for a long time. Mood swings, Disinterest, Lethargy, Irritability, Anxiety, and Withdrawal seem an inseparable part of life. And it doesn’t get any easier, you just get stronger. You don’t have to struggle in silence and alone. Imagine going through a tough time. If you want to smile again, prioritize yourself. Taking care of oneself is not me first, it means me too. You need to take care of yourself along with the people around you. Self-care is how you take your power back. 

Reaching out is your therapy. Give yourself permission to unplug and rejuvenate. Talk to anyone who understands you. There are NGOs and organizations waiting to hear you out. But the first step is to accept what you’re going through. Denial will make things worse. Your mind is after all a fragile component of the human body. It needs a little boost, some sunshine, candor, and a conversation where you can speak your heart out. The problem with the stigma around mental health is really about the stories we tell ourselves as a society. But you’re more precious to this world than you know.

No one can guarantee your well-being. It's after a process that takes time, effort, and patience. If you’ve been in a rough spot, if you’ve been hard on yourself, it’s time you value yourself. Remember, you deserve to be at peace, you deserve to laugh, to be loved, and to live. Just be kind to yourself and the world around you. You never know what silent battle others are fighting within themselves. Your gesture could break or make their day. A last friendly reminder before signing off, “It’s Okay!”.


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