Last Minute MCAT Tips Improve Your MCAT Score In A Week

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Last Minute MCAT Tips  Improve Your MCAT Score In A Week
13 Nov 2021
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MCAT preparation in a week isn’t a cup of tea for everyone! However, following some essential tips can help improve your score significantly. This post discusses some of the crucial subjects to help you better prepare for the dreadful test!

The dreadful week before your MCAT has arrived! Whether you have been preparing for months or feel like you have hardly skimmed the surface and gravely need to cram, you have probably got a lot in your head about the upcoming test. So, how can you study for MCAT prep in 7 days? Even though it is best to postpone the MCAT if you are not able to devote enough time (at least 7-8 weeks) to prepare, some students actually get the desired MCAT scores with minimal studying!
You certainly can improve your MCAT score in one week if you strategically approach your preparation. Knowing how you should take the test is as crucial as knowing the curriculum that is in the test! That is why you must concentrate your efforts on carefully practicing how to take the test until the last moment. The article explains critical last-minute tips for improving your score!

Making The Week Before Your MCAT Count!

As you study to ensure a good MCAT score during this pivotal week, consider your physical and mental health like gas in a car! You can have all the clean motor oil, brake and transmission fluids, and a perfectly functioning engine – unless you have adequate gas, you can only travel so far!
Therefore, among all the potential last-minute MCAT tips you should follow, keep this a top priority – look after yourself! It means engaging in self-care, whether you are cramming up the syllabus or revving your preparation after a prolonged study period.
Here are a few things you should remember:

  • To Get Enough Sleep: Although this imminent exam is inherently exhausting, giving yourself 7 to 9 hours of sleep will aid you in approaching the test with a fresh and rested mind.
  • Practice Mindfulness: Quietly sitting in a room and observing what is going on in your head is an essential training technique for your brain! Thereby, on your test day, you will be able to guide your mind calmly back to the questions when the distractions arise.
  • Study At That Time of the Day Which Matches Your Test’s Time-Slot: Have an evening exam? If it is viable with your work schedule, try to study in the evenings. Although this may not seem important, it is actually vital when it comes to improving your MCAT score in a week! It is all about building neurological pathways – your mind will get accustomed to concentrating on the notes during that time of the day.
  • Study Under Test-Like Situations: Study in a quiet room where you’ll not be disturbed! Do not let yourself use anything that you’ll not get to use on the test day. Pace yourself and stick strictly to the schedule. Moreover, take breaks that coordinate with the structure of the test.
  • Eat Well: When you are under pressure, it is easy to turn to the comfort of food! However, the best thing you can do to yourself is to take a healthy diet with appropriate proportions of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Give your brain the best fuel!

Last-Minute Tips To Improve Your MCAT Score

If you want to improve your MCAT score in one week (which you evidently do, else you would not have read this far!), you will have to use your time strategically! Here is how you can wrap up your consequential week on a positive note.

The Day Before MCAT

To restate in the article, if you are going for the MCAT with minimal preparation, do not study for more than 6 hours. If you have been working for quite some while now, you should take the day off! It is advisable to spend the rest of your time doing something enjoyable – physical activities are a wise choice, as they will help you to process excess cortisol and adrenaline. Otherwise, you can always choose something relaxing, such as watching a movie or going out with an encouraging friend. Despite everything, the primary aim is to ease down and feel good!
Eat a balanced diet, drink an appropriate amount of water, and try to catch 7 to 9 hours of sleep. In case you have to get up quite early the next morning, admit that you may not fall asleep soon enough to get those complete 7-9 hours rest. It is okay! If you have been following the above-stated suggestions and sleeping adequately throughout the entire week, you will perform well on your test day.
Make complete preparations for the test day! Note that you have to reach your test center at least half an hour before the exam starts. So, consider it while planning your day. Ensure that you have the route and transportation mapped out! Moreover, keep a backup plan (Uber, Lyft, or a friend) in case the primary transportation option fails. Assemble everything that you’ll need for the test (like your valid ID or any other required document).

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The Test Day

Wake up with ample time to spare and have breakfast or, if it is too early in the morning, have a quick snack with carbohydrates and protein. If you do exercise regularly in the morning and you have got enough time before your test, today is not the day to skip it! Working out can help energize your body and reduce stress. So, if you think you can get up soon enough in the morning without compromising a sound sleep, this is a great choice!

The Takeaway

Now, are you feeling more confident that it is possible to prepare for your MCAT in one week? If not, you certainly will once you incorporate these suggestions into your prep schedule! The last-minute MCAT tips explained above will help in boosting your confidence and improving your score! Irrespective of the time limitations, ensure to be easy on your body and engage yourself in positive self-talk. You must develop an attitude that exhibits firm discipline with acknowledgment of the time constraints. It is the key to preparing for your MCAT in one week!

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