Indoor Plants - The New Must-Haves in Home

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Indoor Plants - The New Must-Haves in Home
16 Sep 2021
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We all remember the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown when we suddenly became a lot more conscious of health and our surroundings, especially our homes and many people adopted the habit of gardening and started adorning their homes with multiple varieties of indoor plants, it is no surprise that the popularity of indoor plants has skyrocketed and the high demand has made the prices sore too, but don’t worry, you’ll find your adorable little plant at an affordable rate at a nearby planters store. So quickly a pen and paper and make a list of some of India’s most trending indoor plants and learn about their amazing benefits. #ThinkWithNiche

Indoor house plants are known to adorn an indoor space more than anything but the obsession to bring in more and more indoor plants has led to a boom in this sleepy little community of planters. There is no surprise that a house can light up any space and add to the decor but what if this lush green plant has some hidden benefits too? Wouldn’t that be flabbergasting? We are certain it would be. Let’s take a look at some of the most trending house plants-

1. Areca Palm

Gaining a height of 2-3 meters, Areca palm is the most convenient indoor plant to grow in India. Although, the palm has been common before too but now with the growing trend to add a ‘green’ touch to the indoor spaces, the demand for areca palm has skyrocketed. This plant requires very little sunlight and you may choose to water it daily but reduce the frequency in winters.

2. Money Plant

Commonly known as ‘money plant’, the money plant is like everyone’s favorite house plant, the plant is extremely accommodating to sudden changes in Indian weather. Beaming with beautiful heart-shaped leaves with a dash of yellow in between, the plant is known to add beauty to everyone’s house in hanging pots and on walls. Apart from adding beauty to the house, the money plant can effectively reduce VOC, volatile organic compounds, which are otherwise harmful. Along with these benefits, the Vastu science says that when kept in the southeast direction, the plant brings prosperity to the home.

3. Snake Plant

The name comes from the appearance of the plant, also comically known as ‘the mother-in-law’s tongue. Snake plants are extremely hardy and grow in low light, requiring less water. The demand for snake plants has increased from the year 2020, because of its air-purifying benefits, the plant is known to produce oxygen in low light, and helps to remove toxins from the air such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and xylene.

4. Rubber Plant

Nurturing itself in medium and bright sunlight, the rubber plant is one top pick when it comes to trending indoor plants. Rubber plant hardly requires any care so it is a good option for beginners. The huge leaves of the plant are known to absorb all things bad from the air such as polluting fumes, also remember to clean the leaves in case they look untidy. 

5. Peace Lilly

A rather pleasing indoor plant, the peace Lilly is a great option. It is easily available in India and is affordable. Although it is an indoor plant, it requires nutritious soil and moisture. Despite the fact that is extremely pleasing to look at, many people do not know that it can clean the air more than we think. It can help in absorbing carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

We are sure that after taking a look at the above-mentioned house plants, you are now most likely to get yourself a sweet little indoor plant for sure! Thanks to the amazing benefits they offer and how much in trend they are at the moment. So next time you pass by a nursery, do make a visit at the planters.


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