How To Make Money Making Memes

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How To Make Money Making Memes
05 Oct 2021
7 min read

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Memes are a 21st-century phenomenon and everyone consumes it in some form or the other. If you are into making funny and creative memes, there are enough opportunities for you to make good money. Learn how to do so in the blog. #ThinkwithNiche

Google describes memes as “an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.” However, in the context of popular culture, memes are funny videos or images that take a dig at something or make fun of something. The ‘something’ here can be a general habit, a policy, an ideology, a popular figure, etc. Today, social media is full of memes. Memes have become a part of our popular discourse and everyone enjoys them. Heck, even politicians today share memes that they find funny. 

Many creative young minds indulge in making funny and trendy memes and it’s about time they get paid for their creativity and humor. But since memes are a new concept, hence there’s no reliable way of making money through them. Having said that, if you’re passionate about making memes and making people laugh, there are a lot of tangential ways through which you can make a comfortable amount. Let’s dive into it. 

1. Open A Social Media Account

The simplest way to make money is to open a social media account on Facebook or Instagram and start uploading your best memes on it. The day your page starts getting good traction and you manage to get a good number of followers, you can start contacting companies for paid partnerships. Many companies like to show their customer that they have a sense of humor about things and hence pays famous meme pages for a post or two. This, in the long run, could potentially lead you to make a comfortable amount. 

2. Start Working As A Social Media Manager

Companies like to stay relevant and to do that, they push their branding on social media. Here’s where you come in. Memes are something that can get them a lot of traction and that’s why if you have a successful Instagram page or a good resume, working as a social media manager for brands is one of the best jobs for you. 

3. Merchandise

Merchs are a great way to earn money and establish your unique brand image. Once your page has gained a lot of followers, you can easily set up your merch. It can include clothes, items such as cups, etc. This is one of the best ways to earn money through memes.

4. Fiverr Meme Gigs

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can earn good money by putting up your memes. Fiverr hasn’t become mainstream and thus the competition that you’ll be facing on popular social media platforms such as Instagram won’t be a problem here. So you can upload your memes and wait till it begins to attract views. This waiting part is the only downside of Fiverr but once you begin to attract likes and views, it won’t be long till you find your first clients. 

5. Make Youtube Compilation Videos

If you upload a creative and funny compilation of memes and videos, you can earn money through Adsense, etc. There are many such Youtube channels that have become famous only through uploading memes. One such example is Official Peeinghuman. The channel has well over a million subscribers. And there are many other such creative and funny channels.   

Social media has a huge scope for everyone who can have a creative side to themselves. It can be hard for beginners to gain followers and earn likes and follow. So, one of the things that you need while initiating anything like this is patience. Just stay positive and keep focusing on your work and put on unique and fun content that your followers will love and that will help you gain more followers. As your page or account gets more followers you will soon be successful not just in terms of having a huge following but will also give you financial benefits as well. There are a lot of meme pages on Instagram, and other social platforms. So if you have a creative mind and can relate to different situations with the help of photographs and videos, then what are you waiting for? Just get right in it.

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