How To Harvest Synergy In Your Organization

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How To Harvest Synergy In Your Organization
19 Nov 2021
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Synergy is an important aspect in the success of any work that requires a group of people to complete, but pushing it on a company culture that isn't ready for it is unproductive. #ThinkWithNiche

Synergy is one of the most misused terms in motivational business events since the bulk of attendees are secretly scrolling through their social media accounts looking for something mildly interesting to make the present time appear less dreary.

Reform should begin at the individual level to produce rich soil for a coordinated endeavor such as corporate synergy. It is rather realistic to say that we should "look within yourself, not at the fault of others," as a somewhat cliché proverb suggests. Reform is a basic process of forming new (easy) habits that will help you develop as an individual in your workplace. I've done it, and I'm the last person you'd expect to respond to hierarchies and corporate jargon.

The use of brainwashing jargon does not have to be a part of your new outlook, and here are four things that have helped me.


With a single swipe of the thumb, you may access the cumulative wisdom of all humans who have walked this world before you, which is one of the best things about living in this day and age. Through free online classes, you can learn more than you could in years of college. Free courses on everything from entrepreneurship to corporate finance, programming to quantum physics, and even how to write a proper article can be found all over the Internet on active user-friendly platforms. The brain is like any other muscle in the body: if it isn't used, it will deteriorate.


It is critical for you, your coworkers, and your company to maintain a cheerful attitude at work. If all you hear and feel are negative attitude feedback loops, the office atmosphere becomes a haven for stress. However, under the great burden of everyday chores and conversations, keeping a positive beam of sunshine might be difficult. That's when a simple and healthy morning practice will help you hack your energy flow for maximum endorphins. Have a green breakfast, complete a 10-minute workout, and focus on one major goal for the day. Play soothing, beautiful music as well.


You are compensated for maintaining a high-performance rate. Being continuously productive while maintaining high standards is the single most crucial component of your profession. A quick Google search will turn up millions of 10-step articles outlining how to increase productivity, all of which have one thing in common: working in short bursts of intense, unbroken focus with regular brief pauses. Set a timer for one hour, then take a five-minute break before repeating. It's a simple (yet life-altering) habit to develop.

Accountability and dependability

Employers are well aware that everyone has their limits and unpleasant feelings. No one expects you to put forth 100 percent effort all of the time. Making missed deadlines and subpar deliveries a habit, on the other hand, is career suicide. Ascertain that you are dependable in completing projects on time and at a reasonable standard of quality—by reasonable, I mean one that you are glad to display as your work. If you make a mistake, accept it before pointing fingers; no one likes a snitch, and taking responsibility for your actions is the way to go forward.


Once you've established these habits within yourself, you may start leading by example. The gears of Synergy will soon start spinning, and those who do not ride the wave will be left behind. Adopting good habits shows a lot about who is driving the agenda at your company, and it's not just about throwing around a few brand-friendly words.


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