How Did Covid 19 Change The Business Dimensions For Good

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How Did Covid 19 Change The Business Dimensions For Good
06 Aug 2021
7 min read

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Covid 19, the howling destructive virus has taken man kind and it’s civilization by storm. We all have obvious reasons to dislike these times from the core of our hearts. However, we cannot ignore what good corona brought, specifically referring to the business world. #ThinkWithNiche.

Change is an absolutely invincible phenomena and the business world is not immune to it. Naturally, we resist change. We stick to what we are used to until we must move on! We’re aware the future is digital. Covid19 just reinforced the foundations to that belief. With lock downs and regulations, consumers cannot go around buying necessities through offline stores.  Businesses have no other option but to go digital. The ones already equipped with a strong online presence are enjoying their distinct advantage. Amazon reported approximately 200% increase in profits since the pandemic. While others are being innovative. Budweiser, Carlsberg and Remy Martin have partnered with e-commerce giant to provide online clubbing. Now, how cool is that!

A round of applause for people who are working from home, a place once used for relaxing and chilling after a busy day at work. A complete transformation in work culture, this laid back, informal environment has probably brought out the best in people. I wonder if they need a vacation at all.

On the other hand, covid19 tested the efficiency of a few industries. Health industry of many countries collapsed. They were under prepared and lacked adequate infrastructure. India for instance, faced a second and much worse coronavirus wave that left the citizens helpless and desperate for oxygen. But, this industry too is wilfully copying. With an increase in telephonic consultancies, patients have also been offered the ease to conduct their necessary treatments from the comfort of their abode. People suffering from kidney-related problems now have an option of "peritoneal dialysis" which can be done at home. 

The education industry is still adapting to the crisis. Online forums are being extensively used for conducting classes and events. Certainly, there is a big question mark on the careers and future prospects of students. With remote and online learning here to stay, one can only hope, institutions have a “once-in-a-generation chance” to reconfigure their use of physical and virtual space. For those who are missing out on their school and college days, we offer our condolences!

The food industry is thankfully still providing innovation on their menu. With dine in options not available anymore, there are opportunities to optimize takeaway and drive-through operations and re-engineer pricing. However, your mid night cravings might need some salvation for a while. Also, shout out to people supporting small businesses at this time. Ordering from a small food vendor providing services from home is more satiating than binging on five star eateries.

Lastly, corona did bring out the ethical and responsible aspect of businesses who were getting away with only “saying” the right things. With the audience and media noticing their respective moves, donations and contributions, they are getting more visibility and goodwill any smart marketing move could ever bring them. 

Say yay to us helping each other out. We’ve come this far together, We’ll get through this together. “Ache din dobara aayenge.”