How Big Corporations Can Help Reduce Water Pollution?

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How Big Corporations Can Help Reduce Water Pollution?
15 Sep 2021
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Water pollution is one of the largest contributors to the worldwide climate crisis that we are facing. We all have played a big part in this but it is big corporations that have contributed to this the most. It’s about time we ask big corporations to undo what they have done. Learn about water pollution and 3 ways in which big corporations can help to reduce it. #ThinkWithNiche

Our environment is in a rotten state. Different kinds of pollution have left a huge impact on our planet and its climate, leading to global warming. The recent UN report claims that, if nothing is done, Earth's temperature will rise up to 1-degree Celcius or more than that. This is looking very serious and it's high time even big corporations begin to play their part in protecting our environment. For ages, environmental activists have been asking their governments to implement policies that make it compulsory for big corporations to not cause pollution.

In the list of pollution, it is water pollution that ranks higher for a lot of reasons and is something that many big corporations are guilty of taking part in. Water pollution is one of the most significant and lethal threats that we are facing right now. It not only affects the life above water but also life below water. Reports suggest that many species of aquatic animals are facing extinction because of pollution. The largest issue the world is facing from water pollution is that we have limited fresh water and much of it is now polluted or will be polluted if things continue this way.

Our Oceans are also contaminated with various toxic elements that come directly from these big corporations. Now it's about time we all begin to take responsibility for it and start acting responsibly. This includes all your bug corporations too who have, until now, kept themselves free from any duty towards the environment. There are many ways through which big corporations and industries can help reduce water pollution and play their part in the environmental movement. Let's have a look at some of them briefly.

1. Cleanup Initiative and Programs

You must know or have seen images of people volunteering to clean beaches or shorelines. There are many organizations that do this but now it's time to take this initiative to a larger audience. This is where big corporations come in because only they have the kind of resources that is required to organize cleanup programs on a large level. If they don't want to get involved directly in this, they can surely make donations to NGOs who organize these programs.

2. Trash Management

It is estimated that more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. Plastic is one of the major reasons behind water pollution. There are other elements too that play a role in this. Hence, it becomes extremely important to have a better waste management system. One of the things that big corporations can do here is to reduce their plastic usage. A big example of this is Starbucks who has banned itself from using straws.

3. Safe Discharge of Wastewater

Many factories and sewage plants discharge wastewater into small rivers, that further goes and mix in with seas and oceans, thus causing a lot of pollution. Since wastewater is one of the main reasons for water pollution, many developed countries regulate it, therefore reducing the level of pollution caused by it. But there remains a lot to be done by many countries where this is not practiced. Reports suggest that more than 80% of wastewater isn't treated and is discharged directly into rivers. This has to stop and here the government has to take strict measures against this. 

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