5 Ambitious Ecological Projects From Around The World That Are Bringing A Change

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5 Ambitious Ecological Projects From Around The World That Are Bringing A Change
07 Oct 2021
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The World is divided by borders, but united for the war against global warming. That's the world we live in. The climate affects everyone equally, and therefore we must work together to restore the ecological balance. Here are five massive international ecological projects that brought a massive change. #ThinkWithNiche

The recent United Nations Reports suggest that by 2030, there'd be a substantial increase in Earth's Temperature. Even though this has come as a shock to many, the signs have been there for quite some time. It's just that people willingly chose to avoid it. It also reported that about 1 million plants and species worldwide are at risk of extinction if nothing is done. Our environment is in grave danger, and we have brought this fate upon it.

Thankfully, many organizations globally are taking charge of bringing change to the current state of the environment and restoring it to the best of their capabilities. These organizations are calling on different countries to come together in our fight to restore our environment. Here are 5 Ambitious Ecological Projects From Around The World That Is Bringing A  Massive Change:

1. Great Green Wall Africa link

Launched in 2007 in Africa, The Great Green Wall is an Africa-based project that aims to restore ecological balance in the Sahel region of the continent. The Sahel region has become dry and barren over the years, and the Great Green Wall project (Also known as the Great Green Wall of the Sahara) aims to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land and generate more than 10 million green jobs in the world. The project also aims to segregate around 250 million tons of carbon. Since 2007 the project has helped restore millions of hectares of land in both Ethiopia and Nigeria. The primary objective of the project is to promote water harvesting techniques, green area protection, and improving indigenous land use techniques, aimed at creating a mosaic of green and productive landscapes across the region.

2. Peruvian Amazon link

It is a project that was launched by the Peruvian company Bosques Amazonicos SAC in 2008. Peruvian Amazonia is a region in the Amazon Forest that had been destroyed completely by deforestation and land degradation. The company brought the project to train the local farmers to sustainably grow food. Over the years, the project has grown into a successful model of sustainable farming. The program has inspired many such projects around the world.

3. Maiden Island Reef what is a reef?

The Maiden Island Reef had been through a lot of damages over the years, some natural, while some caused by men. In 1995, Hurricane Luis had destroyed part of the reef. On top of that, urbanization and industrialization degraded major parts of the reef. It was here that the largest marine ecosystem restoration took place. The restoration was done using many artificial reef balls that resemble the structure of a natural reef.

4. Pakistan's Tree Tsunami

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa launched 'Billion Tree Tsunami' in 2014 link. The aim was to plant a billion trees in the region. The project was massive and was completed well before the schedule. The project added 350,00 hectares of trees through planting and natural regeneration. The project aimed to reduce the level of carbon dioxide and provide job opportunities to the locals. Needless to say, the project was a massive success, so much so that in 2018, the government launched a plan to plant 10 billion trees across the region.

5. The Aberdare's Rehabilitation Project

The Aberdare National Park happens to be Kenya's last remaining forest. The park also used to be the region's primary source of water, but due to industrialization, there was a lot of damage done to the park. The damage done to it was such that a whole project was launched to restore the area. It was called Aberdare's Rehabilitation Project. The project was launched by the Green Belt Movement in 2006 Link The project is aimed to plant trees and restore the level of groundwater in the region.

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