Hidden Advice for Entrepreneurs in Chanakya Neeti

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Hidden Advice for Entrepreneurs in Chanakya Neeti
15 Nov 2021
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“Drop by drop, a pitcher gets filled. Similarly, little by a little, collection of money, learning, and good acts become great treasures.“A person who maintains silence for one year, opening his mouth only to eat, he gets all the honors of heaven for ten million years.

Chandragupta Maurya's adviser was Chanakya. Chanakya is still regarded as India's Machiavelli in terms of wit, diplomatic insight, and wisdom. The great King Maurya used Chanakya's instructions to gain control of India in a subtle manner. He offers advice on diplomacy, domestic understanding, ethics, economics, and strategy in his book Chanakya Neeti. In a nutshell, the book instructs you to keep your friends close, but even closer to your enemies. There are various versions of the quotes that explain and decipher them, but few that teach us how to apply the same rules to our lives today.

Being Polite In Handling Matters- It is critical to be nice in the job in order to develop trust and a team. At work, people are confronted with a variety of challenging scenarios. It is important not to lose one's cool and to continue working tactfully. Losing one's cool at work can make one hated by the rest of the team. Because most workplaces are team-oriented, causing conflict within the team is not in anyone's best interest. Though it may appear to be basic advice, staying calm and polite in the job may not be as straightforward as it appears.

Speaking Only When Necessary Is A Virtue- Chanakya emphasizes the significance of speaking only when absolutely necessary at work. This is a crucial tactic for avoiding office politics, which are all too common. Speaking only when absolutely essential allows you to concentrate on your work rather than other potential distractions. This quality can help you grow into a powerful leader in the long run, as well as help you stand out from the rest of your team. Unnecessary speaking can have the reverse impact, with members of your team believing you are boosting banter and interfering with their job. If you engage in too much useless talk, you risk losing team members' respect. Hence speaking at the necessary place can be a great virtue.

It's Never Too Late To Start Afresh- Many times in our jobs, we reach a point where we are dissatisfied with our work and wish to start over. It is best to think upon the present and go on with what makes us happy, according to Chanakya. A fresh start will be difficult if we continue to dwell on past mistakes or failures. As a result, taking a new step in life requires not only courage but also the ability to let go of the past. People who can start over are considered knowledgeable by Chanakya.

Do Not Opt For Instant Gratification, Success Comes to Step By Step- When it comes to business, Chankya warns that nothing beats instant satisfaction. Success does not come in waves; it is a gradual process. Chanakya is advising people to value learning, which is a valuable asset in one's daily life. Personal development is represented by learning. There's a chance you'll be disappointed if you expect fast success without being willing to wait. At the same time, you will be more motivated in life and will attain your goal if you are willing to enjoy every drop of achievement that comes your way.
Conclusion- We're all preoccupied with data and information security these days. Chanakya teaches the value of keeping one's business secrets to oneself. If a company's secrets are revealed, the owner is likely to suffer large financial losses. People must treasure their secrets since they contribute to the smooth operations of the firm. Employees feel like they're part of something bigger when business secrets are kept hidden, which keeps them motivated.



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