Want to work from home This is how you convince your boss

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Want to work from home This is how you convince your boss
20 Oct 2021
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Before the pandemic, working from home was uncommon. A culture that was once a fantasy for many people has now become a must for everyone. This work-from-home culture created a pleasant working atmosphere. As we get closer to the end of the pandemic, offices are slowly reopening. This entails returning to the timetable that existed prior to the outbreak. As appealing as it may appear, this may not be the case for those who perform at their best while working from home. So, if you want to persuade your company to let you work from home, here are a few strategies you might use. #ThinkWithNiche

1. Come prepared:

Go straight to your boss or HR and get detailed information about the precautions being taken to ensure the safety of the employees within the office. This will help to contemplate whether it is safe and secure for you to come and work in the office. Additionally, knowing about these safeguards may offer you an advantage when it comes to persuading your boss.

2. Track yourself:

While every supervisor's job is to keep an eye on their staff, you should also keep a watch on yourself. Tracking yourself helps you to figure out the highlights of your performance. Note down the tasks, their duration, and your completion time to make your boss get the idea of your productivity. Communicate this to your boss one or two weeks before the re-opening of the office. Use this performance chart to show your boss how productive you are while working from home and henceforth, suggest to continue doing it in the similar manner.

3. Ensure no resistance from your side:

Asking for somewhat luxury of working from home comes with its own responsibility. You will have to convince your boss as well as your team that you will always be available during work hours (as you used to be, use the performance chart, if necessary). Assure your boss that you will continue to give similar or even better performance while remaining in the environment you are comfortable with. Ensure your boss that you will inform the concerning person in any case of absence and promise to have a viable reason for it.

4. Emphasize flexibility:

Make sure that you will be ready to come to the office for high-priority meetings, important cases, and special occasions. Assure your boss the same. Express it clearly, that you are refusing the idea of in-person visits to the office completely.

5. Productivity under health issues:

This is the part of the conversation where you must be entirely open and honest, as well as provide data and facts. If you had a previous disorder that you still have, please mention it and explain how it is affecting your productivity. Have an open discussion about the different ways in which you could be unable to continue working. Ascertain that you will always notify in such instances, either before or as soon as you become ill.

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