Healthy Snack Options At Your Work Space

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Healthy Snack Options At Your Work Space
09 Sep 2021
7 min read

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How often do you feel tempted to eat a samosa, a vada pav, a pastry, or just a packet of chips while you are in the office and it is almost 5 in the evening? As if by the time the clock ticks at 4 or 5 pm, you start feeling low on energy, and a sudden urge to munch on something starts to bother you from within? We are certain that you are not the only one, many office goers feel the same way and most of them end up snacking on unhealthy options and junk food, not realizing that there are other healthy options as well. #ThinkWithNiche

Let us imagine a situation, say, for example, a normal day in the life of a person who goes to the office from 9 to 5, in order to reach the office on time, they might skip breakfast and grab a toast and a cup of coffee on the go, by the time its lunch, they’d get something from the office canteen or mess and by the time it is evening, their energy levels are falling and they’d crave for something to munch on, so they eat any kind of snacks and junk food. If you observe this pattern, it is like a daily routine for many office goers, unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle. An unhealthy lifestyle resulting in reduced productivity, so read along to find out some healthy snacking options for your workspace-

1. Yogurt

An unsweetened Yogurt is a suitable option for work-space. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it is also good for the gut. Yogurt being a good source of protein and calcium will keep you satiated for a long time, is low on calories, and can be easily taken along with nuts and berries. Small cups of packed Greek yogurt are a great option.

2. Granola Bars

Wanna boost your energy quickly and stay satisfied for a long time but also don’t wanna dirty your hands or your desk? Granola Bars are just the right thing for you. They are a rich source of protein, easy to carry, and good for health. Just munch on one granola bar and get back to work asap, no fuss no rush.

3. Nut And Dry Fruits

Remember, in childhood how your mum would ask to eat a handful of dry fruits and nuts along with a glass of milk before going to school? She was teaching to adopt the habit of eating nutritious food. It is no wonder that dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, raisins, and groundnuts are super foods. They give lots of good fat, cut down the cravings, and are a great snacking option. 

4. Masala Channa/Roasted Chana

 A very healthy snack option, masala or roasted channa is everyone’s favorite. If you forget to pack yourself some healthy snacks for the day, just get a packet of chana from the grocery store. A healthy crunchy, salty and nutritious snack for your workspace, and get the punch you need for the rest of the day.

5. Baked Banana Chips

Get the goodness and nutrition of bananas in baked banana chips, we are sure that once you start eating these, you wouldn’t want to say no to it next time someone offers you banana chips. Packed with the crunch and goodness of banana, baked banana chips are ideal options for those late evening hunger pangs. 

So, dear readers, ditch that cup of coffee and the tea stall near your office, take a few healthy and handy snacks along with you every day. Cut down the craving and stress, when you start eating better, your body functions better! So what are you waiting for, pack yourself a snack already!


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