Green Vehicles A Ride to a Green Future

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Green Vehicles A Ride to a Green Future
15 Oct 2021
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The sudden increase in the sales of electric vehicles has finally shown that people are warming up to the idea of an electric future. Learn more about electric vehicles and the sudden increase in its sales. #ThinkWithNiche

The environmental crisis has taken a dangerous turn. The recent UN report suggests, if not for some critical policies by governments across the world, the Earth's temperature would rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius. It would mean a dire change in the climate across the globe, which would be catastrophic for all of us. The environment wouldn't remain the same, and the natural habitat would face some serious amendments. All this is because of us! The exploitation and greed of big corporations have brought us here.

Many reports suggest that one of the principal components of pollution around the world is vehicles. The cars that run on fuel emit polluted elements in the air and play a huge role in air pollution. For tackling the problem, electric vehicles were invented. These vehicles debuted as a substitute for the traditional vehicle that runs on petrol/diesel and causes pollution. But till now, the market has been slow in adapting to the idea of electric vehicles, mostly because these vehicles are a lot more expensive than traditional ones. It has acted against the sale of electric vehicles. But after much deliberation and with the introduction of inexpensive electric vehicles, the dream of an electric future doesn't seem too far away.

Electric Vehicles And Pandemic

It came as a surprise to many when the reports came out that informed us that the sale of electric two-wheelers increased by 64 percent while electric four-wheelers saw a sale increment of about 68 percent. These numbers are massive and inform us of the sudden change in the market. People are slowly opening up to the idea of an electronic vehicle. But why during the pandemic?

The increase in the sale of electric vehicles indeed is a sweet surprise but what's more shocking is that it took place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While the market for other products shrined, electric vehicles saw massive growth. The key reason behind this growth seems to be the awareness of the environment. The ease of access to information seems to have played a fundamental part in people agreeing to buy electric vehicles. People have finally realized that if we have to sustain our natural habitat and ensure a greener future for our coming generations, we all have to be in it together and play our part. Green vehicles are the future, and people have finally chosen them over the traditional, more harmful vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Market in India

Till now, India has been an untapped market for electric vehicles. The sales of electric vehicles, be it car or scooter, has been very low. While there could be a bunch of reasons behind it, the major one seems to be the low quality of such vehicles in the Indian market and the high prices. Indian market is dominated by middle-class buyers who cannot afford to spend more than 3-5 lakhs on their cars. Amidst this, one cannot expect Indians to invest a hefty amount only to buy a substandard product.

But recently, many companies have introduced their electric vehicles, a major one being Ola that introduced its own electric scooter. Within weeks of being launched, Ola scooters became a big success for the company. It sold scooters worth Rs. 1,100 crores. It has shown people that India is a comprehensive market for electric vehicles.

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