Google Trends: Way To Stay One Step Ahead

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Google Trends: Way To Stay One Step Ahead
22 Sep 2021
5 min read

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You all would already be knowing about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), how it is used to skyrocket your business, and the wonders it has done to date and continues to do. Well, as you may think google has something much more powerful to offer you. Yes, drumrolls! It’s Google Trends. You would be getting a little idea about it, you might be even thinking what difference would it make when we have a gazillion other keyword finders. Well, here is everything you need to know about Google Trends. Let’s flip your pre-thoughts about this mega gift Google has to offer. #ThinkWithNiche

In simple words, Google Trends is a free application that lets you discover the latest trends based on the searches made by users all over the world. This helps you discover the trends all over the world and gives us a detailed analysis of what the people are searching for the most.

Now, let’s discover how to use Google trends for your benefit:

1. Search Segmentation

This feature lets you carry a local SEO survey and thus helps you to find what’s trending in any desirable location preferably your own location as well as the one where your business is located. This geographical filter helps you know more about the local people, which are most likely to contribute to your business.

2. Seasonal searches

 As it says, it gives searches that are season-specific. But here season doesn’t only mark seasonal changes, it even includes searches that are date specific or period-specific like festivities, national holidays, and much more.

3. Content Plan

While planning content for your business or website, this helps you to find the most relatable and relevant content for your business that matches your needs.

4. Competitor Analysis

Social listening stands as one of the best strategies for social media marketing, and to know your competitor is a major lesson from it. This way Google Trends helps you to know your competitor and what are they up to publicly.

5. RIght Keywords

Simple as it is, it helps you to find the right keywords for your webpage or online business. And not just businesses, it can help you amp up your blogs and articles.

6. Search for different terms

This feature helps you to judge and compare similar keywords and see how they perform in different situations. This analysis can help you boost your blog few levels further.

7. User behavior

One of the most important aspects of optimizing your profits is by getting to your audience in a better way. And this feature is all about that. It helps you to experiment with your audience with different keywords and figure out what works best for you.

8. Offline Actions of searches

This is like the golden arrow in the quiver of Google Trends. It helps you measure the effect offline actions make on a business and vice-versa. This lets you not only pick keywords that swing online but also lets you alter your public outlook to match the needs of your audience. It is the only arrow in the world that results in a win-win situation, so business minds use it in the best way.

Google Trends can prove to be one of the most useful applications for the online world, it turns the digital marketing strategy more into a fun game, that’s productive for your business. So, business heads make the most out of this tool, which all thanks to google is completely free.


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