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Get Interview Ready With Niche
01 Oct 2021
7 min read

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An interview is undoubtedly a very stressful event altogether, one needs unprecedented focus and concentration and a presence of mind, most people forget to realize that it is not only their grades and certificates which will give them an edge over others but also a smart personality and other social and communication skills. #ThinkWithNiche

Dear readers, today, we would like you to examine yourself as an individual and imagine if you were to sit in front of an interview panel responding to their questions. We are certain that each one of us appearing for an interview would make sure to carry their degrees and other certificates and be well versed with tech-related questions of their particular industry and step in the cabin for the final D-day. But what if we tell you that along with some papers and other documents, you happen to forget some other crucial set of skills? Read along to find out some crucial interview hacks-

1. Body Language

Make sure that you are mindful as to how you carry yourself, conduct, and present yourself. From the moment you walk inside the cabin to the moment you appear for the question-answer round, the interview panel is examining you from tip to toe. Make sure you are polite, ask for a seat, greet everyone in the room and keep yourself grounded and in a present state of mind.

2. Communication Skills

In order to form a good first impression, make sure to be confident enough to greet everyone in the room, do not shy away from being vocal, choose your words carefully, keep control over your pitch and tone and regulate eye contact with the panel. The more eye contact you shall have, the more confident you will appear. 

3. Confidence

Before the interview, learn to feel confident about yourself, put away all the self-doubts and relax, cheer yourself up with powerful enthusiasm and boost your morale by talking to someone who is your guide and mentor. A confident personality appeals to the panel and helps you score better grades. Do not look at others and dive into self-doubt, make sure you understand that you are unique and worthy.

4. Hand Gestures

While your body language says a lot about you along with your eye contacting ability, hand gestures are one thing that one should be extra mindful of, in an interview. Make sure to not make a lot of hand movements, place them firmly on the table or on your lap whatever you find comfortable, try not to cross your arms, it doesn’t give a good impression, and make sure to groom your hands well. 

5. Clothing Style

Last but not least, make sure you are accordingly like you would be expected to be dressed in an office setting, proper clothes with designated accessories, and adhering to the formal sense of style. Apart from how you appear and carry yourself, the way you are dressed is an essential key factor in the way you are examined by the panel.

Dear readers, we hope now you are all set to appear for the next interview you will give and be prepared with all the requirements and above mentioned set of skills and facts in mind. Wishing you good luck.


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