5 Hiring Tricks To Hire The Right People

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5 Hiring Tricks To Hire The Right People
14 Oct 2021
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Hiring is a lot trickier than one might believe. Getting just the right person for your team involves a lot of hectic work. But there are few hacks that may help you find the right person.#ThinkWithNiche

Like any sport, a good business requires a good team. Without having a dedicated team, no business can run for long. But unlike sports, the process of hiring and keeping impressive people in a business is trickier than it seems. This is simply because of the vast number of applications that a job inquiry attracts. Therefore to chose talented and dedicated people from a huge pool of applications is risky.

However, there are few filters you can use while hiring employees that'll help you get good people on your team. These filters or hacks are not always sure-shot. You'll have to use your own assessment skills and understanding of an applicant's knowledge and dedication to hiring them. Here are 5 hiring hacks that can help you build a good team. 

1. Scan Job Sites

The first step towards the hiring process is always to attract as many applicants as possible so that you have a vast pool of talent to choose from. This will also help you to attract a diverse variety of talents from different socio-economic backgrounds. Hence it is recommended to scan through all the job sites. Post your vacancy on all the popular job sites and open applications for all. Job sites such as LinkedIn, Upwork, WeWorkRemotely, etc. are some great examples of job sites you can go through. In order to attract more job seekers, your vacancy should stand out among the rest. Hence writing an attractive and precise job description and giving full disclosure about the perks is always advisable.

2. Manage The Candidates

What happens usually is that many times, a huge chunk of applications slips through the hiring net due to an inefficient hiring process. That's one of the major challenges of the whole hiring process. Emails get lost, files get displaced, resumes get lost, etc. Anything is possible. The more applications you overlook, the more chances you have of not getting your hands on the right person for the job. Hence it is advisable that you carefully manage all the candidates, either by using software or by using a spreadsheet. You can carefully list all the applications at one place so that they don't get lost.

3. Try To Learn About The Candidate's Past

Here the trick is to get to know the precise information you need to know whether a person is fit for the job or not. You obviously don't have much time to indulge the applicant in all your questions. Hence it's important that you only ask questions that are relevant to the job. Keep the interview process short and crisp.

4. Overcome Your Bias

In the present era, where diversity and inclusion have become important discussions, it's hugely important to hire all kinds of people, from all socio-economic backgrounds. The more diverse your workspace is, the better your business would perform because then you'll have no dearth of creative and distinct ideas and solutions.

5. Trust your Gut

There's no sure way of knowing that a person will be the right fit for you. Beyond a certain point, you'll have to go with your instinct and it's the trickiest part of a hiring process. You, obviously, can take the suggestions from your colleagues while taking a decision but, always finalize by using your common sense. Hence there's no better way to end the hiring process than trusting your gut and making a firm decision.

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