Entrepreneurship as a subject in schools

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Entrepreneurship as a subject in schools
01 Oct 2021
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We have been highly innovative for the past century. Name it and it has developed over the course of time. Technology, philosophy, science, lifestyle, communication, travel, the transport we have excelled at everything. From sending letters written with a wooden pen dipped in ink to video chatting, the transformation has been huge. But one section that remains suppressed would be your last guess in the list, education. Now you may disagree that even education has transformed over a period of time, To Learn more read our blog #ThinkWithNiche

Think about it, what has actually changed in the education system? Previously, we had blackboards and chalks now we have smart boards; we once had to carry heavy books now it all comes in pdf and presentations; once we had to travel miles to reach our schools and colleges, now we have distance learning which especially grew under this pandemic. Do you see it? The transmute of education has changed and not the education system itself. It’s like running the latest version of android on a keypad phone, imagine it, hardly anyone would buy it. But look around we are all living and sharing the same reality. The system has not changed it has just been presented in a way to look better.

This new world demands new subjects. The world this new generation is going to dive into is one that is beyond the archaic subjects. Not that the subjects already being taught are of no significance but the addition of new features is necessary. And one of these new additions is the subject of entrepreneurship. The wave of entrepreneurship hit India a few years back. And it has now become important for young innovators to know how to turn their innovation into a living and breathing product. 

Entrepreneurship as a subject in schools helps children to open up lids held tight on their brains and think outside the box. Unlike any other subject, entrepreneurship helps in the growth of socioeconomic boundaries which encourages them to build healthy relationships as well as being concerned about the economic impacts. This inculcates in the development of the process of thinking unconventionally and producing better results in every aspect of life.

An early introduction to entrepreneurship would not only help them in growing but also save the time which the young innovators waste in knowing how the industry works. The time that is wasted in understanding the market would then become no hindrance in the launch of their careers. Emphasis should be laid upon this subject because it encourages open-minded thinking, which helps every individual to understand concepts to his own ability. It is like reading a fiction book and giving faces, bodies, and expressions to the characters based on our own mindset of how we observe emotions and people. Entrepreneurship gives roots to the development of great financial habits that help individuals in their business as well as in a common man’s lifestyle. And the most important takeaway from the subject is that it teaches a very basic principle of serving others for the greater good, which covers within itself a moral science class.

This subject has numerous benefits, so much so that a book can be documented on it, but that’s not the purpose. The purpose remains to be able to implicate the lessons taught in our lives and ensure and experience the benefits as the life proceeds.

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