Few Indian Cosmetic Brands You Should Know

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Few Indian Cosmetic Brands You Should Know
22 Oct 2021
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Ayurveda goods originate in India. Since 500 BC, we've been sending it. We have a long history of handcrafted beauty suggestions and skincare essentials for both men and women, and numerous Indian cosmetic brands, like Lakme, Elle 18, Ponds, and VLCC, are thriving in international markets. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebs admire these cosmetic items. Here is a list of India's most popular beauty brands that you should be familiar with. # thinkwithniche.

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The Indian cosmetics sector has been growing steadily for the past few years, with hints of continued expansion in the future. Both men and women spend lots of bucks on cosmetics and beauty products which have become a very important part of our lives. Our skin is the largest and one of the most essential parts of our body which should be cared for properly. In this research, the paper representation will more exercise encompassing Indian cosmetic brands. In India, many steering brands manufacture cosmetics such as Boutique, Elle 18, Himalaya, L’Oréal, Lakme, Ponds, VLCC, and many more. Their reach covers skincare, haircare, body care, baby care products at affordable expenses. Inorganic compounds are hardly used in Indian cosmetics. Now is the time for Indians to understand the value of skin care and personal grooming. Changes in spending patterns and increased purchasing power among women have been ongoing. It has aided the growth of the beauty cosmetics sector in recent years.


Lakme is the Topmost cosmetic brand in India, belonging to Unilever, started by Tata in awe of the first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. It’s the most preferred and widely used mark, followed by famous makeup artists in India. Lakme provides a wide range of commodities to maintain both the quality and quality of the product. The price begins from those affordably priced to the professional level range. Their range includes skincare products, makeup products, nail products.

Elle 18

Elle 18 is the second most popular brand in India among young girls – college girls and teenagers. Their products come at very affordable prices and are high-quality products. But choosing the right product from this wide range of cosmetics isn’t that simple.

We check at the brand's background and popularity, as well as their most popular product. We usually sort things out to find the best product for our skin. According to the poll, natural and organic goods were the most preferred quality while purchasing cosmetics in India by 65-70 percent of respondents.

Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain, an Indian Ayurvedic beauty queen, founded it in 1970. In India, this brand created cosmetics with organic materials. It is the oldest natural Indian cosmetics brand, and the majority of Indian celebrities swear by it. They use it in their everyday skincare routine.


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