Extracting time as an entrepreneur for creativity to surface

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Extracting time as an entrepreneur for creativity to surface
15 Sep 2021
7 min read

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Businesses these days operate in a highly logistic, competitive, environment. This has made inculcating creativity in ideas an issue to talk about. Creativity is what adds a spark to big ideas, makes problems seem less challenging and more thought-provoking. However, taking out time to practice creativity is a skill to learn. Here are some ways so you can master this skill. #ThinkWithNiche

Creativity in business is rather a transformation than a step that can have multiple benefits. Prioritizing it and giving rewards for following is a crucial step. It is the number one factor that can pave the way to success. It is important to understand at an individual level that taking out time for creativity will always pay you even in the short run.                                                                      
Though, making creativity a self-operating system and yet an upgrading process is not so easy.                                                                                                                                                        

Whenever it comes to taking out time, we automatically start hovering over tightly packed schedules. You have to get out of the zone of “Yes, I can do everything”. It’s a myth. You cannot do everything in a day. You always have to choose one thing to do over other things. These choices contribute to sacrifices and being hard to achieve a certain goal or in our case to be a creator. For the beginning, to ease your schedule, list up things that have comparatively less value and can be replaced. Cut one of them according to the demand of the day and here you are, with some time in hand.                                                                                                                    

Creativity needs time to set its feet in our life. You need to engage in creative thinking and only in creative thinking, which means cutting out all distractions for that period. It’s important to have noiseless, clutter-less thinking so as to sense your senses. Take note of time in a day when you feel most energetic and productive. Fix that time to do something innovative instead of meetings, discussions, and other boring tasks. Restrict this time for the rest of your life to yourself.                                       

One thing that most of the young creators forget is that “it’s easy to start and hard to carry forward”. Creativity is not a one-time deal to sign and enjoy whenever you want. You have to weave it in your head. You have to practice it every day. On days of “no free time”, realize that you still have those 15 minutes you waste doing useless stuff. Take out a blog to read or pen and paper to write few paragraphs or to listen to your favorite music to give rhythm to your thoughts. Increase the value of those 15 minutes so as to not spare even a single day from ingenuity.                                                                                                                                        

When stress takes place of ideas it’s hard to recognize your cravings for creativity. Stress and creativity are enemies by birth. To let stress never sync in your system you need to reward yourself for those extra efforts you put in completing a task with full concentration. Interestingly, rewarding yourself with creativity will serve your two purposes.                                                        

Giving value to your "personal time" is not something you should be guilty of. Stop running after those extra working hours or managing every social media account to look trendy or attending that boring event you wish you were never invited to. Remember creativity always pays you. This is when you need to re-design your work system, set time boundaries, and respect them too. Never ever change your mindset based on what others are doing. One main issue which creeps into our lives without noticing is minding other’s business. We make resolutions and fill our “bucket-list” with not the things we are eager to do but with wishes that have ill motives behind them. Learn to say “NO” to things you are not interested in doing. You will release tons of weight.  


Cultivating creativity no doubt needs some extra steps but they are worth taking. Never hesitate to ask for help from family members or close friends to decrease some load. You have to actively manage things that bring money (including creativity) and everything else you do. Make yourself breathe in the surroundings of like-minded creative people. Let’s be creative collectively!


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