Dealing With Depression in Youngsters

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Dealing With Depression in Youngsters
17 Nov 2021
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Depression has become a common term these days. Every second person is struggling with depression symptoms, and teenagers are especially vulnerable to it. It can be fatal also. Let us find out how we can help them recover from this stage. #ThinkWithNiche

Depression is a term that causes anxiety these days. Whenever we hear about our child having depression, we sit up start worrying about his health, and rightly so, because recently, there have been so many cases. We have seen many youth icons giving up their lives to this fatal condition. But worrying is not the solution to this problem. We must make an effort to understand the root cause of the problem.

When a child steps into his teenage, numerous insecurities, doubts, and disappointments surround him. He becomes confused. He has no one other than his friends to guide him properly. Naturally, he feels trapped. The following factors affect him deeply:

His Mental State 

At this age, he stops considering himself an adult, while generally, it happens that his elders think he is still a child. Parents and teachers many times increase this dilemma scolding the youngsters as if he is a child. It disturbs him very much, and he develops complexes.

First Attraction 

It is also the first time when he feels attracted by someone. Children read many romantic novels at this stage and watch movies. They become impressed by the characters and wish to imitate them. They fall for their classmates and think that they are in love. But when the girl rejects their proposal, they are unable to digest it and develop a suicidal tendency!

Burden of Expectations 

The burden of expectations is also sky high. He has to match the standards. He has to cope with his studies and keep his elders happy. There is competition, the demands of his girlfriends, and his own wishes to excel in a specific field. He has to keep a balance between them. All this takes a toll on his mental health. We elders forget that this 'Tug of War' game that we play with our children would only ruin them. We think that we must reform them but little do we know that we are pushing them in a well of darkness from where they would struggle to return. Children must be dealt with according to their age. Teenagers must be treated with calm and understanding.

Other Factors Responsible

Other factors which are responsible for triggering depression in youngsters may include:

  • Serious diseases like chronic pain or physical disability.
  • An unhappy family environment.
  • Alcohol or Drug abuse
  • Shocking Experience
  • Trying to come to terms with one’s own sexual identity.
  • Bullying

Many other factors can lead him to depression, but instead of worrying, we must think of solutions.

Signs of Depression!

Depression is not a disease but a mood disorder. It is not the fever that is instantly visible. The signs of Depression appear very slowly, along with negativity. The child tends to think negatively about everything. Initially, he looks to be fine, but you cannot make out the storm brewing within him. It is only when he becomes quiet and sad and very often starts crying that you realize that he is under depression.

It is just a thought that sets in his mind. It can be due to scolding, a negative comment by someone, a failure, or a loss. He takes it to his heart! It is one thought that grips him tightly. He tries hard but is unable to remove it from his mind, and the more he tries, the more he becomes depressed. And remember, your pep talk like "Sab Theek Ho Jayega" will not eliminate this thought. The more you try, the more you will aggravate this problem.

Positivity and Love are the Crucial!

Indeed, positivity and love are most important for a youngster suffering from depression. We have to create a joyful environment around him.

Talk to him: His trustworthy person must talk to him and learn the reason for his misery. If possible, provide a solution, and if not, no worries. Do not be judgmental just listen to him in a caring manner. Try to calm his thoughts and assure him that his fears are baseless. Make him believe that life is beautiful.

Lectures not allowed: He would not like to hear a lecture. Lectures can irritate him. One must understand his problem and go down to his level to help him. Only positive and cultured people must stay around him. 

Don't leave him Alone: A sensitive person must not be left alone, or his thoughts will again start pricking him. He would sink in the valley of his negative thoughts more and can even take a dangerous step. So be with him. Remember, love is the best medicine.

Watch a Comedy Film: Comedy Films are the best therapy and laughter the best medicine. If you watch a comedy film along with the family, you are bound to find happiness and solace par excellence!

Music, a calming influence: It is the best thing to soothe your senses. Play his favorite songs or music, and it would provide the calm like no other. You can also sing along a song with him. It will help in eradicating the thought from his mind.

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Mind!

Depression is all about negativity overpowering you. Love and positivity can calm you down, but in addition, healthy habits can work wonders in this situation.

Physical Movement: Movement helps a lot in this condition. Exercising gives a high as your entire focus stays on your body. Plus, your mind becomes tired and is unable to think about anything else.

Meditation and Prayer: Meditation and Prayer also refresh big time. Here also, you forget everything else and connect only with God. All your thoughts become zero, and you feel calm and comfortable.

A Healthy Diet: A Healthy Diet is necessary for a healthy mind. Junk Food, sugary snacks, fried food, and refined carbs make you sluggish and tired. It can worsen the condition. Therefore, choose green vegetables, fruits, and fiber in the diet to feel light and energetic.

Sound Sleep: Sound sleep is crucial to recover from this condition. He must have eight hours of sound sleep to keep him fresh and happy. Too much sleep and too little sleep are also unhealthy.

Watch out, if he talks Suicide! 

One of the dangerous consequences of depression is suicide. We must keep it in mind! If he becomes philosophical and talks about death or starts joking about suicide, one must instantly sit up and take notice. You must inform someone instantly and try to pacify the sufferer immediately. You must take care of him 24X7.


Depression appears serious, but if you take care of the sufferer appropriately, he will overcome this condition very soon. Yes, if the condition worsens and there is severe depression, you must not wait to consult the doctor. Depression is just a cloud of dust hovering over the bright sun. Don't Worry! Just rub it off with the duster of positivity and love! Wish you all Happiness!


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