Book Blogging: Make your Hobby your Career

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Book Blogging: Make your Hobby your Career
15 Dec 2021
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Today, blogging has transformed into a joyful career. A writer or a person who loves reading can think of making a successful career. He can become a Book Blogger. This blog talks about how you can learn to make your blog post very engaging for the readers. #ThinkWithNiche

Writing is one of the most precious talents given by God. And in this era of the internet, it is no less than a blessing. Today, a writer can express his thoughts, knowledge, and ideas in the form of articles and blogs and share them with the world with the help of websites. So these days, if there is a subject bothering a person or he wants to speak his heart out about something, he takes the route of a blog. If the writer is also a book lover, there is nothing like a Book Blog. A Book Blog is an immensely popular way to discuss your favorite book with all the book worms around the world. Many times, people near you do not possess the same level of interest, and you feel disappointed. But with the help of a Book Blog, now you can connect with millions of readers living in different parts of the world. You can share your views about a book as well as learn about other books. One can also get enlightened about various subjects, both topical and philosophical. And what's more, you can grow in life!

A Lucrative Career Option

A Book Blog serves as a boon for authors, for apart from being a great option for the promotion of their book, it is very lucrative also! It is a platform where you can announce the launch of your book. You can present a short synopsis of your book describing the characters and their struggles. You can give the readers a glimpse into the mystery and make their eyebrows flutter. What is going to happen next? Who killed Jessica? Who was that man in the black coat? Is that castle haunted, or is that a dangerous plan concocted by someone? Let the readers bite their nails and rush to their nearest book stalls! This is what you wish, isn’t it? You want to attract more traffic to your website and thereby bringing in more income for you!

Talk About the Book you Love!

This platform also allows book lovers as well as authors to review other books. They can write an honest opinion about a book they read. They can give their expert opinion about the story. They can describe the character which impressed them. They can criticize the climax in the most ruthless manner. They can also help other readers select books to read as well as entertain them with funny information, jokes, and trivia regarding the storyline. It is how one can increase traffic and enhance the popularity of the blog.

Listed here are some of the most popular Book Blogs that have been catching the imagination of book lovers –

  • I want to Read That
  • Bookster Reviews
  • Book Geeks
  • Wondrous Reads
  • Anu Reviews

A Book Blog is not only great for sharing your hobby of reading, but it is good earning too. You can make money through affiliate links. And when you become a book blogger of readers’ choice, you attain thousands of fans, and the advertisers come looking for you. You can charge a hefty fee for your efforts. So, why wait? Start a Book Blog and transform your love for books into a fruitful career. So whether you wish to start a new ‘Book Blog’ or if you wish to add some zing to your book blog, then no need to worry! We are here for you. An engaging post always catches the interest of the readers. Here are a few popular ideas to include in your Book Blog –

Book Reviews 

Book Reviews are a great way to earn traffic on your website. Book lovers keep looking for reviews that can help them decide which book to read! So write reviews of your favorite books and be ready to make new friends. But one must know the art of writing a review. Childish Reviews, like, it was so thrilling, or the pace was fast, are never accepted by the readers. But they wish to read authentic and personal views of the story. They need a support system to help them select a good book to read. Book Reviews are perfect aid in this effect, but a book review must be enjoyable, not monotonous! They need to be short and sweet. 

Book Lists & Rating 

A Book List is a big hit among the readers. They often keep searching for a list of good books. It helps select a specific book from the infinite books in the galaxy of books. There are myriad such galaxies. So when the readers have an exclusive list of books available to them, it becomes easy for them.


  • Period Book Lists 

Period Book Lists are books related to a specific era like World War II, French Revolution, etc.

  • Indian authors 

The Indian Authors are making their way fast to the bracket of the eminent authors of the west.

  • List of Niche Books 

There are specific books that catch the imagination of businessmen and bloggers.

  • Supernatural

Supernatural elements entice the readers very soon. Halloween Themes and animal themes like the Hound of Baskerville and Animal Farm by George Orwell are popular.

  • Best as a Gift 

Some books are perfect for gifting purposes. The Love Story is perhaps the best to give someone, at her Wedding Anniversary. You can divide the books into many categories. You must mention each book in the list, along with a summary and rating. Naturally, it requires a bit of research also. The book list will take your book blog a level higher on the search engines.

Book Quotes 

Book Quotes are a great way of attracting traffic. "A room with books is like a body without a soul." This quote is the best room décor if you see it from the point of view of a book lover. A blogger can design an image also put an impression on the readers. It is alluring for Instagrammers and Twitterati. So you can attract traffic to your book blog and inspire the readers.

Book Tags 

A Book Tag is another way of connecting with the readers. A Book tag like #bookaddict or #bookshelf is a powerful method to direct the readers to their blog. You can easily circulate these tags on Twitter or other social networking sites and make your blog popular. It is a fun way of increasing traffic to your website.

Cover Reveals

Once your blog comes into the eyes of the netizens, the publishers will come looking for you. The publishers look for ways to build the hype of the books about to be published! They send the cover of the book to circulate on an exact date. It is a wonderful way of publicity! Blog! Apart from this, if a publisher sends you a book cover, it reveals that as a blogger, you have arrived!

Interviews of Authors 

Readers are always curious to know about their favorite author. They want to peep into their lives and thoughts on various issues. A Book Blogger can publish these interviews on his website. He can gain the attention of book lovers. But the questions must be relevant, and the blogger must identify the questions that would sign for the readers.

Trivia, Anecdotes & Jokes 

A blogger can make his Book Blog engaging by including some interesting trivia for the readers, like some funny incidents or anecdotes about famous authors. Once, the famous author, Victor Hugo, wanted to know about the public response. So he just made a question mark on a letter and sent it to the editor. The editor, in reply, sent him a letter with just an exclamation mark to notify him about his great success. This way, short anecdotes, information, and jokes would increase the fun element of the blog and make it even more attractive. 


An engaging Book Blog always interests the readers. As a blogger, you need to keep it updated daily, as when the readers like your post, they become your followers. They are excited about the posts you share every day. You must also read the Book Posts of other bloggers to see what is trending. It keeps you updated about the ongoing in the literary world. Plus, your research enhances your blog. It makes it praiseworthy in the eyes of the readers. So do not get bogged down by Writer’s Block! Just put on your thinking cap and get writing. Make your reading beneficial for others, and enhance your writing skills. You can become a great writer, and writing a blog can also inspire you to write a novel of your own. Your Book Blog can lead you to become an author. And then perhaps who knows, you would have other bloggers writing about your book. So write an engaging Book Blog and write the story of your success!


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