Best Hotels in Las Vegas

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Best Hotels in Las Vegas
27 Dec 2021
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Las Vegas is one of the most happening cities in the world. Naturally, in this time of the holiday season, it becomes the most loved place for tourists. So here are some of the best hotels you would need to have a pleasant stay. #ThinkWithNiche

Las Vegas! Las Vegas, the mere word reminds you of grand casinos, mind-blowing shops, and glittering nightlife. There is no place in the world as happening as Las Vegas! It is one of the most desirable cities, and everyone wants to come here once in a lifetime. And this is the perfect season to indulge in razzmatazz in the best hotels of Las Vegas. The cold wave is getting colder with every passing day. And the hazy glow of the fog has made us shiver even more. In this cold atmosphere, it is the warmth of brightness that works as the perfect escape. It is a world of entertainment and fun, so do not wait just take the plunge! 

Las Vegas: The City of Lights!

Las Vegas is one of the most crowded cities in Nevada, USA. It got built in the Mojave Desert in 1905 when a railroad started linking Salt City with other glitterati Los Angeles! Gradually it transformed into a tourist center for the family. At that time, the area had lots of greenery. So it came to be known as 'Las Vegas' as it means "Meadows" in Spanish. Like Paris, it is also known as the 'City of Lights' for the simple reason that the shimmering glow these lights produce is incomparable. The entire city mesmerizes with the beams of beauty.

The Lingering Vegas Experience! 

Las Vegas may be synonymous with lights, but it is much than just the glitter. The nightlife and casinos attract millions of tourists. The vibrant skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and world-class casinos will not let you take a breath. And you will get lost in the razzle-dazzle of the place! With so many things to do, you will enjoy the time of your life. The Best Hotels of Las Vegas are there to play the host. There is the Helicopter flight to see the Grand Canyon. The Fountains of Bellagio is another wonderful experience! At the same time, the Bellagio Botanical Garden is a pleasure for the eyes! These are some of the amazing things to experience in these Meadows.

The Best Hotels of Las Vegas

We know now that one can do various things apart from gambling in Las Vegas. So here are the best Hotels in Las Vegas to suit your budget. ‘Downtown’ and the ‘Las Vegas Strip’ are two of the famous streets where you can get decent hotels for a family vacation. Both are in the center of Las Vegas, so if you wish to party, gamble or just enjoy the vibrant location, this is it! So let us have a look –

The Strat Hotel, Casino, and Skypod - The Strat Hotel is the best in Las Vegas for people who are conscious of their pocket. If you have a budget of about $50, you can certainly choose this one! The budget hotels are generally not situated on the Strip. You can find it in the north direction. 

Rooms: In the Select room, you have two queen size beds and a big bathroom. There are not many facilities, but the rooms are clean and hygienic. The Casino has eating joints with a microbrewery, grill, and cafe options. Below the Tower (remember it was first named Stratosphere), there is a pool to enjoy the sunbath. One can get access the Tower Observation deck for just $25.   

Price: $60 -$75 per night. 

Other hotels in this area, which can suit your tight budget, are Luxor, Circus Circus, and Excalibur. It proves that pleasure in Las Vegas is not a captive of the rich and the famous! Anyone can enjoy a family stay in the Best Hotels of Las Vegas

The Tropicana Casino Hotel Resort - Located in the South End of the Strip, Tropicana is perhaps the best casino hotel. It is one of the old casinos. It is still in its retro look, which appeals to many people. The vintage feel of the entrance is very charming, and when you step inside you are impressed by South Beach-style interiors. The walls are decked up in white color, and the greenery soothes the eyes. 

Rooms: There are different rooms in the hotel. You can go in for a cottage also. The interiors are plantation-style and look beautiful. You get a TV, locker, and table also. But TV in Las Vegas, you think! But it is one of the Best Hotels in Las Vegas, you know!

Price: $95 - $135

The lagoon pool is a beautiful area with waterfalls and gurgling whirlpools. The palm trees take you far away from the brick mansions of the city. You can watch a movie in the theatre or enjoy live music. After a good movie, a great feast is the best option! So the Italian restaurant serves the perfect host! The Red Lotus Asian Kitchen has Asian Cuisine for our Asian friends, and they cannot feel like a foreigner. This quality makes it one of the best hotels in Las Vegas! The cost per night for the Resort stay is $37.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino - Here we come to the big and the beautiful! One of the Best Hotels in Las Vegas is the Paris Las Vegas! It is situated in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. So from here, you can get access to the main attractions of Las Vegas. Parisian architecture is the source of inspiration for the decor of the hotel. The replica of the Eiffel Tower stands magnificently in the center with a big swimming pool in its lap. The furniture is in dark wood that enhances the look of the place. 

Rooms: The rooms are not modern, but they have some basic facilities like a refrigerator. A plus is that you can watch the Bellagio Fountains from the window. The pink bathroom keeps you refreshed in the grandeur of Las Vegas.

Price: $135 - $150 

The Hotel has a Chateau Night Club on the lower floor. In addition, it has a restaurant and an observation deck on the top floor. It has as many as 15 Restaurants. You have the Parisian Creperie, the East Coast Italian rooftop bar, and the Mon Ami Gabi Bistro, so you can enjoy the luxury of having all types of intercontinental cuisines. The resort fee is the same $37 per night. The Caesar’s Palace, Mirage, and Vdara are the other best hotels in Las Vegas. 

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino - The Bellagio is also located at the heart of the Strip. The best thing is that it has the backdrop of a lake and you can get the view of the Bellagio Fountains from the hotel. It is one of the Best Hotels in Las Vegas. 

Rooms: It has about 4000 rooms with several room service employees. The subtle color decoration combined with Italian furniture looks very elegant. It has 20 eating joints to satisfy your taste buds.

Price: $210 - $250

The Bellagio houses a shopping mall where you can buy an Armani, cool your heels at the spa or just enjoy at the Night Club. The Botanical garden is beautiful to give you a memory of a lifetime! There are so many things you can try here and feel the bliss of happiness! It costs $45 per night. Other hotels in this range are Cosmopolitan, Mandarin, and Wynn. 


So these are some of the best hotels in Las Vegas where you can stay happy and enjoy the splendor of the city. You will never forget the Christmas and New year celebration in this part of the world. Las Vegas has mild winters, so it is the perfect time to plan your vacations. So waste no time, get set and zoom to the radiant beauty!

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