5 Myths About Starting A Home Bakery

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5 Myths About Starting A Home Bakery
31 Jul 2021
7 min read

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Home bakery is a great business idea but there are a lot of myths floating around that stop people from opening this business. In this article, we try to bust some popular myths around the bakery business. #ThinkWithNiche

The bakery business is a real deal-breaker. If done properly, it can give you great returns in no time. But like a lot of other businesses, the baking business also has a lot of bad reputation in the market. There are many ridiculous pieces of advice on the internet or on the street about the bakery business. And we are here to bust them all.  So here are some of the most common myths about the Baking business.

You Need Formal Training

The biggest myth around baking is that you’ll need to do professional baking or cooking course. It couldn’t be more false. This is one of the reasons why many bakers are hesitant to start a bakery. If you have done a course, well done; if not, that’s okay too. You can very much learn baking on your own and then set up your own bakery. Some of my friends have done it. And if they can, you can too. 

You Need To Have A Degree in A Business Course

This rumor must have been started by online business coaches. This myth is also nothing but a stupid, baseless rumor. All that you need to own a successful bakery is motivation, a good business plan, and talent for baking. That’s all! These myths are merely created by gatekeepers of a field. How many successful business people do you know who has a degree in business? It can be just a formality but if you have enough knowledge about running a business then you can start a business on your own. It doesn't mean that having a degree is not important. Of course, it gives you expertise in the field you are working in. But you do not need to hesitate just because you do not have a degree.

Bakery Requires A Huge Investment

Again a rumor! Yes, it’s true that some bakery ideas require a considerably large investment but if you are thinking of opening a small, cozy bakery, you don’t need to invest a huge sum. As a matter of fact, some people have even started their own online Bakeries. All it requires is an aesthetical Instagram page. You can start from there and over time build your own bakery. 

You Have to Offer Free Food For Exposure

This rumor must have been kick-started by freeloaders. It’s completely false and if someone says it to you, know they want freebies and nothing else. There are countless other ways that can give you exposure. Working hard on an order, just to give it to someone for free is not worth it. 

Never Say ‘No’ to an Order

It’s about time we stop glorifying working overtime. Running a bakery is hard and baking requires a lot of time. So learn to say NO to orders you are not comfortable with. There’s nothing to feel guilty about it. Say you agree to bake more cakes than you are capable of. It’ll ruin the taste and quality of all the cakes and instead of losing just one customer, you’ll probably lose a ton. So learn to say NO or register their order for some other day if possible. 

There are many more silly and poor thought-out advice and tips you’ll get in the baking business. Keep your head high, avoid all these stupid tips and stick to your business plan. That’ll help you build a successful bakery. 

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