5 best websites for Freelancers

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5 best websites for Freelancers
11 Sep 2021
8 min read

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Finding work as a freelancer is extremely hard especially when there is so much demand. But as with everything else, the internet does have a solution to this. Find out the best freelancing websites to find good work. #ThinkWithNiche.

If you have made the leap from a 9-5 job to becoming your own boss, aka, Freelancing, it's time to find some impactful work and build your resume from the ground up. But, as cliche as it may sound, freelancing requires a lot of 'hustle'. I know the word 'hustle' comes with a ton load of pretense and false advice, but when it comes to freelancing, it's true. Finding work as a freelancer requires dedication and patience as the demand is way higher than the supply.

But the internet has many little ways of surprising us and if you are a freelancer, there's no better place to find impactful projects. Here are 5 freelancing websites that will help you find new opportunities with just a few clicks.

1. Upwork

Upwork is the best freelancing website to find work. It doesn't matter what kind of freelancer you are, you'll be able to find impactful work here in no time. The people who are in web development, freelance writing, graphic design, customer support, etc. will find umpteen opportunities here. Upwork constantly updates its website so you get the best work offer. The website allows you to bid on a project to win it over. At first, you'll have to bid at the lowest prices to find work, but once you have to build your resume, you can increase your bidding.

2. Design hill

As the name itself suggests, design hill is for freelance designers. Here employers create a project contest in which designers have to send their entries. You can get work either through that or if you have an impressive resume, people can directly reach out to you through messages. Designhill has a lot to offer for designers of all kinds. Whether you are a web designer or a graphic designer or pursuing a different type of design, rest assured you'll be able to find good work here.

3. Top Total

The top Total pitch is that they only accept applications of the top 3% of freelance talent. Thousands of freelancers submit their applications to get an account on TopTotal but the website's rigorous screening only allows a very small number of people. This small number represents the cream layer of freelancers from around the world. So if you have a great resume and talent, this is the best place for you to find great freelancing projects.

4. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is one of the top freelance websites. They claim to get 2.5 million users per month. They have a multitude of job postings for every type of freelancer. The high number of users can be intimidating and feel less personal, but the huge number of job postings more than makeup for it. Build a good and confident profile and you'll find good projects in no time.

5. Simplyhired

Simplyhired is yet again a great freelancing website that offers tons of great work opportunities to freelancers. They don't even charge people for putting up freelancing work which means you'll get tons of great opportunities here. Add to that the website easily allows you to set up a profile and upload your resume. The website is very convenient and therefore it definitely ranks as one of the best freelancing websites.


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