5 Ancient Indian Business Ideas That Can Evolve And Regain Fame With Time

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5 Ancient Indian Business Ideas That Can Evolve And Regain Fame With Time
15 Dec 2022
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India, as a diverse country, has gone from traditional to home-grown to the best in technology-based business ideas, whether it is industries, individual enterprises, family businesses, or partnership firms.

The roots of Indian business originate from the age when India was called the 'Golden Bird'. This research on ancient Indian business systems is extremely important for developing economies and slating success stories. 

In India, any industry, company, family business, or firm starts with the exploration of diversity and is home to infinite ideas. The ideas start from the traditional business to the high-technology business.

Are we ignoring those who have adapted and established their place amidst the ups and downs in the Indian business sector, and despite limited resources, become a torchbearer and sources of inspiration for the present-day Indian business and entrepreneurs?

Our ancient businesses have shown the way to the heights that the Indian business world is touching today.

Keeping these things in mind, today in this blog we will introduce you to the history of ancient Indian businesses and also inform you about 5 Ancient Indian Businesses.

Indian Business has always seen its glory in ancient history. They were one of the most skilled countries when it came to trading. Numerous businesses and ideas have been generated and executed from time immemorial.

Some of those businesses have been working from generation to generation, over a century, no matter what affected their social or economic stand in society.

Today’s world is going for trends like Save the Planet or ecosystem but these ancient Indian businesses have always flourished and found their niche with time. But due to the improvement of technology, these businesses are struggling to regain their stand in the industry.

The Indian business industry has progressed smoothly over the years, from A.D. to B.C. to now, and has set a credible path to inspire and guide future generations.

Many Indian business entities have been continuing their businesses for generations after generations for more than a century, despite any social or economic influence from industry.

Companies such as Jessop and Company, Bombay Dying, and Dabur have been in existence since the early 17&1800s and have persisted for generations. These enterprises are undeniably the true inspiration for other businesses.

Before we get into our topic of ancient Indian businesses, it's important to understand the rich history of ancient Indian businesses.

History of Ancient Indian Businesses

Because India is an ancient country with a proud economic history, businesses must have existed and thrived since ancient times. It is worth remembering that India has been well-known in worldwide business since ancient times. Apart from individual and family-based businesses, several forms of organizations appeared to have existed from ancient times. These types of groups were known to exist at least 2800 years ago, as per evidence.

There was trade within and outside of the country during the Indus Civilization, which lasted from around 4000 BCE to 1900 BCE. 

Throughout Indian history, merchants have not been held in high regard. There were times and places where they were, such as Gujarat and coastal areas. However, they were not widely respected in society. They are frequently portrayed as those who became wealthy by exploiting the poor, and this is not exclusive to India.

That connection has always existed. Even back then, Buddhist monks would go to merchants to collect money, and merchants would extract their pounds of flesh. Rajput rulers relied on Marwaris to fight the battles.

For the first time since 1991, the business has gained societal respect. The industrial revolution began in Europe and the US, 200 years back. Their businesses are in the second, third generation. And you can see the philanthropic aspect of it now with individuals like Bill Gates.

Here go the 5 ancient Indian businesses that can evolve and regain their fame with the flow of time.

Five Ancient Indian Businesses as listed by our Editorial Team include:

Bangle Making

This art started in the town of Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. This craft has been in households for generations and is still pertaining to yield security with this art. Firozabad is famous because of its biggest glass bangle manufacturing industry.

They have been producing bangles for more than 200 years. Bangles are one of the special pieces of jewelry that is mandatory in almost all Indian households. It is known to be one of the Sringar amongst the Shola Shringar that defines a woman’s beauty. The demand for bangles has started flourishing and is making its way overseas.

Pottery Making

If we go back to the Indus Valley Civilization, this swift business idea belonged to that period. Pottery making is one of the oldest skills inherited by the Indians, which is still fruitful and yields a satisfying economy in India. But this industry does not have proper recognition when it’s to its brand. Potteries are one of the enthralling products for both Indians and foreigners today.

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Milk Providers From Dairy Farming

A common skill in India’s households has built a huge demand shaping a huge business with lots of opportunities. Milk and dairy products have always been in the everlasting craze and with time, it has evolved with rapidness. But in the last couple of years, the demand has exceeded the supply. Therefore, there are also new strategies applied to cut short of milk consumption at such a massive level.

Textile Industry

In diversified India, the textile industry has a huge rate of growth. With the present situation, it’s high time to get back a hold of the opportunities that surround the textile industries. The demand overseas is one of the ways to expand the business at higher demands.

There is a plethora of opportunities in the textile business for those with a specialization in the hand-made textile sector in each state of diverse India. The current textile industry slowdown appears to be the ideal opportunity to restart expansion by making textiles available digitally for international demand.

The ever-expanding textile sector is one of the oldest business ideas, with nearly two out of every five small business owners pursuing it.

Organic Manufacturing & Farming

One of the high-yielding jobs or businesses that blesses you with lots of finance is plantation and farming. If you have mastered skills and created art related to farming, you can embrace success in a short period. Skillful ideas and mindful creative techniques can help the culture of farming evolve fluently.

If one is imaginative and conscious of many ideas, India's farming culture could produce a wealth of development models with an organic touch in farming as one of the leading agricultural manufacturers.


Every business has its own USP. These ancient businesses started as a necessity but have become a huge demand in the world. But retaining the same ground of abundance and recognition is equally important for a certain business to flourish, irrespective of the time. to keep the rich heritage of India alive, these ancient businesses can go a long way to make India brighter and more developed. 

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