40 Virtual Event Planning Ideas and Tips

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40 Virtual Event Planning Ideas and Tips
02 Mar 2022
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In many industries, virtual events are replacing in-person events. Online events enable businesses to reach people all over the world, from virtual happy hours with employees to full-fledged industry conferences. Here are some strategies for leveraging virtual venues if you want to host more events for your small business. #TWN

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is a gathering that takes place entirely online. They may include webinars, video and audio sessions, and live chat or audio interactions between attendees. Some virtual events take place in a single session, while others span multiple days of content and online interaction. And these can be events aimed at attracting new customers, educating them, or simply having fun.

Online Event Planning Tips

If you're new to virtual event planning, there are some key differences to keep in mind when compared to planning an in-person event. Here are a few virtual event planning tips to help you make the process and event run smoothly.

  • Keep your expectations realistic. You can't completely replicate the experience of an in-person live event, so leave that expectation at the door. Don't make a comparison between your virtual event and a physical event. Instead, success should be measured using realistic expectations and real-world virtual events.
  • When choosing technology, keep your format and requirements in mind. Don't host your event on Zoom simply because it's the first conferencing software that comes to mind. Instead, think about the format of your event and the requirements it entails, and then choose the best technology and tools to meet those needs.
  • Take a more directive approach to casual socializing. In-person gatherings allow for more informal conversation and socializing. That flow of socialization may not occur as naturally online. That means it's your responsibility to be more active in facilitating and encouraging attendees.
  • Plan for technical difficulties and support on the day of the event. Even with the most meticulous planning and software, there is always the possibility of a technical glitch during your event. Prepare for these in advance by installing backup software and even providing tech support to attendees and participants.
  • Over-communicate with both attendees and participants. Whether you're transitioning from an in-person event to a virtual event, your best bet is to err on the side of over-communication. Ensure that all participants and attendees are aware of what to expect, how to access the event, what technology they will require, and any other important details.
  • Employ a virtual assistant. Event planning—or virtual event planning—requires a significant amount of time and effort. It's a significant time commitment. Hiring a virtual assistant to take on the role of virtual event planner relieves you of some of the stress.

Virtual Social Event Ideas for Companies

The ideal virtual event concept can assist you in increasing engagement with remote team members, customers, and industry leaders. These social gatherings should encourage interaction and provide a fun virtual experience for everyone.

If you want to host an interesting virtual event for your next event, here are some event planning tips that will surely impress your virtual audience.

  1. Virtual Cocktail Class

An instructor would teach mixology to your team during a cocktail class. It would be especially useful for bartenders and event planners. However, it could also be a fun office team-building activity.

  1. Speed Networking

Attendees can make individual connections quickly by participating in speed networking. It can be advantageous for professional organizations, chambers of commerce, or businesses with large teams that do not all know each other.

  1. Virtual Live Concert

A video performance by a musical artist would be included in a virtual concert. In addition, your team may bond over the experience or even communicate via text message during the event.

  1. Team Movie Night

A team can be brought together by bonding over movies. You can all begin at the same time and then communicate via video chat or text throughout.

  1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts require teams to collaborate. Create goals and divide people into groups to encourage collaboration.

  1. Virtual Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks enable team members to discuss ideas or simply get to know one another. Make it a lighthearted video chat in which everyone brings their own coffee.

  1. Virtual Happy Hour

Happy hours are similarly unpretentious. Everyone can make their own drinks at home and meet new people in a relaxed setting.

  1. Bring Your Pet to Work Day

Some workplaces allow employees to bring their pets to work. If your team is dispersed, encourage everyone to bring their pets to a meeting or coworking session to add some fun.

  1. Online Game Show

Inspire your team to work together and have fun while learning new facts by watching your favorite game show, such as Jeopardy or Family Feud.

  1. Virtual Tour

Video tours of museums and other attractions can be purchased from tourism companies. Then everyone can share their stories.

  1. Online Paint-and-Sip

Paint and wine nights are popular bonding activities. To encourage creativity while also having fun, host one on a video chat platform.

  1. Online Dinner Party

If you have a small team, have everyone prepare a dish and talk while video chatting.

  1. Virtual Prom

Prom may be a fun way to bring people together for larger teams or industry organizations. Everyone should get dressed up and take pictures. You can also share music and activities on the internet.

  1. Team Lunch

For a more relaxed experience, host lunch on a video chat platform where you can also discuss ideas without adhering to a strict meeting format.

  1. Virtual Birthday Parties

Many in-person teams celebrate birthdays in the office. So, if you have a remote team, host a video recognition event to recognize each team member.

Fun Virtual Event Ideas for Companies

A successful virtual world event does not require a specific business goal. Your next online event could simply be something enjoyable for your team to do in a virtual setting. Here are a few ideas to think about.

  1. Trivia Night

Hold a public contest in which employees compete against one another or host an internal trivia night in which departments compete against one another.

  1. Virtual Giveaway

A virtual giveaway can be used to recognize and reward your employees or loyal customers. Invite guests and give each one an entry into your contest.

  1. Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness activities, such as meditation and yoga, can assist your team in controlling their thoughts. To boost morale, make it a monthly option.

  1. Social Media Challenge

Use social media to engage customers or employees in an ongoing contest. A local gym, for example, may organize a weight-lifting challenge in which people can participate using a hashtag.

  1. Virtual Games

A video chat platform game night can serve as a team-building activity. Alternatively, you can host ongoing gaming challenges in which people connect via social media.

  1. Online Fitness Classes

Wellness is promoted by video fitness classes. Inviting a guest instructor or registering your team as virtual attendees for a public class are both options. Personal trainers or gyms may also provide these services to customers.

  1. Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms have evolved into enjoyable outings and team-building exercises. Create a virtual room to encourage remote workers to collaborate and come up with innovative solutions.

  1. Online Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries also foster problem-solving skills. Create your own or find an online event company to invite your employees to.

  1. Online Craft Tutorial

Team creativity can be stimulated by craft nights. If your company sells craft supplies or tutorials, an online event can increase customer engagement.

  1. Video Game Challenge

Professional gamers and gaming companies may benefit from challenges in which anyone can compete. Share your content on Twitch and encourage others to do the same.

Business Virtual Event Ideas

Some online events take place solely through video chat or social media. Larger virtual corporate events, on the other hand, are frequently held in dedicated online venue spaces that can accommodate more guests and features. Here are a few examples of virtual events that work well in these environments.

  1. Awards Ceremony

Recognize your employees' unique contributions by giving each one a personalized award.

  1. Virtual Gala Hosting

You can sell tickets to high-level clients or invite your entire team to this formal event. Then, offer special entertainment, raffles, and other activities.

  1. Virtual Conference

Businesses can sponsor these educational events, or professional organizations can make them available to their members. Simply select the appropriate video conferencing platform software and provide breakout sessions to allow guests to customize their experience.

  1. Virtual Summit

Summits are similar to conferences. They do, however, have multiple hosts who share a variety of information. It can assist thought leaders in broadening their reach.

  1. Virtual Meeting

A virtual meeting can assist your team in sharing ideas. You can even set up pre-event chat rooms to allow departments to collaborate.

  1. Virtual Team Building

Remote teams can benefit from online team-building events to get to know one another and collaborate.

  1. Virtual Exhibition Hall

An exhibition hall enables various businesses within an industry to share their products or services with potential buyers or investors.

  1. 360 Degree Tour

Give customers a tour of your office or another location from every angle to give them a behind-the-scenes look.

  1. Virtual Guest Speaker

Invite guest speakers to enhance the value of various events. Alternatively, you could host a dedicated lecture to educate your team or provide value to customers.

  1. Virtual Online Course

Employees can learn about a variety of topics by taking online courses. You can also sell courses to customers.

  1. Video Training Sessions

Training sessions provide a more hands-on learning experience.

  1. Online Brainstorming Sessions

Using event apps or video platforms, your team can share ideas.

  1. Virtual Fundraisers

Fundraisers are beneficial to nonprofits and businesses that raise funds for charitable causes. To add value for attendees, hold raffles and contests.

  1. Online Coworking

Coworking spaces can be beneficial for remote teams who miss the camaraderie of the office.

  1. Activity Livestreams

Livestreaming can provide a real-time immersive experience, such as a day in the life at your office. It could increase engagement among remote employees or customers.

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How to Make Virtual Social Event Fun?

You may have to work a little harder to engage people in events that they can't attend in person. However, the following techniques may be useful in planning for virtual events:

  • Find a theme for an event in which your team can participate and offer contests and games.
  • Surprising attendees with one-of-a-kind guests and activities
  • Distribute sponsored virtual event bags or food to attendees.
  • Include breakout sessions so that attendees can select their own activities.


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