3 Strategies For Being More Authentic In Business

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3 Strategies For Being More Authentic In Business
03 Sep 2021
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Authenticity is essential in business. Vulnerability. Imperfection. There's no reason to act like someone you're not. What occurred in the end? More fulfilling and personal work experience, with an appealing allure that attracts future business. As a result of the pandemic, we all ended up Zooming each other out of our closets when animals and children were around. Nonetheless, we can't deny that Covid-19 has (perhaps permanently) improved our work conditions. When the pantyhose and ties are removed, it becomes clear that being human isn't all that bad when it comes to business.#ThinkWithNiche

1. Stop Trying To Separate Business And Pleasure

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a do-it-yourself kind of girl, who gets things done. I am methodical and organised. Spirituality and tarot card reading are two of my personal passions, and I regularly study spirituality-related stuff after work. Just saying that makes me uneasy since I'm about to tell you something really personal. It will, however, most likely offer you a better idea of who I am as a person, not simply who I appear to be at work. We've built barriers between what we stand for in our enterprises and the people we care about and trust in our lives. I'm not sure when or why this started, but I can see how it may help blur the borders between groups (within reason). You could find that you and clients you've never met have a lot in common. As a consequence of your excitement for the game, you may also attract a new customer (and fellow pickleball enthusiast).

2. Give Up Perfection

Then raise your hand if you haven't made any faults in your company.
Our errors are divine since we are all human. And, if you think about it, your clients don't expect you to be flawless. They expect you to give it your all and, if you make a mistake, to fix it. Perfectionists place themselves under undue stress and make demands that no one else has. I implore you to let it go completely. It's okay to accept "good enough" since everyone else is doing the same thing.

3. To Be More Authentic In Business, Tell Your Story

Customers are meant to be drawn to stories, but you may be meticulously creating yours. The other option is to take away all of their personality. It all boils down to presenting oneself in the best light possible. This is all a well-executed deception. People want to think you're telling the truth. They want to hear that you made mistakes along the way but ultimately triumphed. They're looking for a mirror image of themselves in you. To put it another way, you're really susceptible. When dealing with businesses, think about what tales connect with you. Those that have been flawlessly polished, or those with a few flaws? What role do you think you'll play in the stories you've written? These are the kinds of stories you want to tell as an entrepreneur in your own company. You aren't even limited to discussing your own personal experiences! Your consumers and workers are in the same boat. Find a method to incorporate them into your brand's storey.

Being Vulnerable Takes Practice

If you've spent your whole career hiding behind a closed-off exterior, shifting to a more open and approachable mentality might be difficult, so do it gently. For five minutes, try talking to customers about their restless nights with a newborn or your recent bowling league victory (is bowling open yet?) You'll have a network of individuals who are familiar with you for reasons other than your product or service. Years ago, I did just that and discovered that a client shared my love of Nancy Drew books. She appears to place a higher value on them than I do. As a consequence, I sent them her way. I wasn't expecting much in return for my efforts. It was only normal and human of him to act the way he did. Examine how you can treat your customers like friends and watch what occurs. Being honest in your business pays off even if there isn't a clear return on investment. If you've built strong ties with your clients, they won't need to search for services elsewhere. As a consequence, others are interested in doing business with you. But what is the most enjoyable aspect? In business, authenticity is absolutely free. It's one of the most effective marketing techniques ever developed.

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