Ways To Heal The World By Writing

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Ways To Heal The World By Writing
31 Jul 2021
7 min read

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Writing is the best way to represents your thoughts. No matter who you are you can describe your thoughts by writing and tell everyone about many different things. We have some techniques that you can use to make your writing more impressive. #ThinkWithNiche

Writing is a work of art, while some learn to master it at an early age whereas others take a lifetime but not many are aware that with writing comes responsibility and that traverses a road of healing. There are several ways one can heal the world but writing is one of the most popular forms where plenty of authors and scholars managed to pave a path for themselves. From painting the walls on the streets to write controversial editorials, people from the past have left inspiring footprints for the millennials to interpret.

Here Are The Ways You May Use To Heal The World By Writing

Personal Blogs

When one is a beginner and they have incalculable thoughts that can be gauged to heal the world. This is where the internet comes into the picture. That's right! Personal blogs are very popular among the youth. When one is vocal about their opinions over certain causes, they just need to curate a personal blog. The best part is that one requires only an internet connection and moderate connectivity.  However, it is great to expand one’s networks since personal blogs welcome you to a wide range of communities. On this platform, you can share a plethora of ideas and a variety of content.

Social Media

Have you ever rode a boat in a storm? That is the power of social media, you can heal the world by showing glimpses of your life to the ones who are in distress. It can add value to the lives of those who are in search of hope. Social media have become the catalyst of change in many countries which underwent social, political, and economic conflicts. It is the power that is vested in the hands of people. You can always use social media for a good cause.


Newspapers have their reach to every corner. If you wish to heal the world any further, publishing in the editorial section is the best possibility to not only grow yourself but also to reach a huge audience. There is not a single person alive on earth whose eyes don't brush across newspaper headlines. 


YouTube is fun to watch but you can write snippets of valuable content and add the same to videos. People are switching their offline mode to the digital world and the number is inevitably rising. Even the most remote areas have access to YouTube and it is fair to say that the majority of people live for creative visuals.


Twitter is the most common tool which is used during political elections or any social media campaign, one should learn to incorporate particular hashtags while they write their content to reach all over the world.

You may change what you desire only when you wish to change yourself.


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