Why Work From Home Making a Case For It

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Why Work From Home Making a Case For It
11 Nov 2021
8 min read

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Many people want to work from their homes instead of going to the office. Even many companies are giving their employees a choice to work remotely. But why? This blog will uncover some of the major reasons. #ThinkWithNiche

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the world as we knew it. The world went through a collective metamorphosis. Amongst the many things that changed was the nature of people's jobs. While earlier people used to spend their entire day stuck in small cubicles and glass offices, now they were stuck inside the comfort of their homes. The only difference was, now, perhaps, they didn't feel as much burdened by their jobs as they did before the pandemic. Most companies adopted the work-from-home model and insisted that their employees work from the comfort of their homes. While this did take some getting used to, eventually, many claimed that this indeed was better than going to the office.

There have been quite many online researches on the effect of the pandemic on people's jobs. Even though the verdict remains under the carpet, many claim that work from home could be a great solution to the hectic and stressful working life of people. As the pandemic fizzles out and countries are slowly opening up, many companies have ensured that one of the things that they took away from this whole disaster is that work from home is here to stay. Companies are looking to develop a strategy wherein employees would partially be allowed to work from home. Some have even gone one step further and announced that they plan to allow their employees an option to work from anywhere they want. So why is it that more and more companies are opening up to the idea of allowing their employees to work remotely without attending office?

To understand this, we'll have to look at it from two different perspectives. One is that of the employers, that is, the huge corporations that hire thousands of people. The other perspective is that of employees. Let's start with employees who have finally found a way to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Modern life is such that it requires people to be always on the move. It has left people exhausted and frustrated with their life. The nature of a corporate job is also such that employees are required to work 6-7 hours a day for five-six days a week. Stuck inside their cubicles or small glass offices, people often miss out on spending time with their family, friends, or perhaps with themselves, doing the things that give them joy. It has dire effects on the physical and mental health of people.

All this got challenged during the pandemic when people were required to work from home. Many noticed that since they didn't have to commute to their offices, they had extra time on their hands which allowed them to use it on themselves. It also allowed them to feel less tired. Apart from this, many claims that since their homes are designed as space that makes them happy, many didn't even feel that they were working inside the premises of their homes. It gave them a sense of calmness and control which they didn't have previously. Since people decorate their house according to their tastes and preferences, it's obvious they'd feel much better working from it.

Another major reason why people felt more relaxed and happy working remotely is that they got to spend a lot of time with their family or with themselves, which they couldn't previously. Corporate life is designed in such a way that it leaves little room for personal time, leaving people to feel joyless in many ways. This changed completely during the pandemic. Those who still had their jobs could finally work in between spending time with their loved ones or doing things that give them joy. This perhaps is the biggest reason why many people now insist on working remotely even after the pandemic.

But why are companies leaning towards this? Well, for starters, since people were happier and less stressed working from home, their performance improved a lot. Research shows that many companies noticed a better quality of work during the pandemic. It is the primary reason why companies feel okay allowing their employees to work from wherever they like. Another reason behind their compliance is that now they don't have to rent huge office space and spend a major chunk of their capital on renovating that space.

Big companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google are giving their employees an option to choose if they want to join offices or want to work from the place of their choice. Work from home is indeed a great option for both parties, and they are here to stay.


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