Why Doing “Something” Is Important Than “Procrastinating”

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Why Doing “Something” Is Important Than “Procrastinating”
31 Jul 2021
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How your life looks when you do nothing and just procrastinate, and end up feeling like nothing an empty jar or an empty page of a book! Is that how you want your life to be#ThinkWithNiche

So, you must have heard your mom nagging about how you sit idealistically and procrastinate all day. This is a common story in almost every household though it leaves every parent in distress, isn't it?

Procrastinating has become a habit these days amongst young guns while not even regretting it and without realizing that it will also curate irresponsible behavior in the coming years.

 Swell in action no matter what it may give in return, it is always better to count all the fingers than miss out on one. Our soldiers brave their lives in danger to save our lives, that's what fills their souls with colors and magic?

Procrastinating is such a common disease that accumulates your whole body in undeniable ways turning it into a lazy overgrown cat. Inserting a few precious goals in your life can hold a real significance, at least it will give an essence of “what you really want”.

 You must have noticed that your parents have literally sacrificed a couple of things to provide you a decent life with all the materialistic needs. To become something in life, you need to harness your self-acclaimed skills with the best spirit you have, to arrive amongst the list of successful people and their "hierarchy". Steve Jobs didn't have it easy nor did Mukesh Ambani, they pushed themselves off the limits to reach a certain level that they are today. If you don't do it now, you will probably never will, this is the time and the right moment to lift up new things. You will not have it absolutely easy at first, but falling seven times and standing up 8 times is more impactful than not doing anything at all. Procrastinating every time will probably suck you in the same old pit. While doing something new, don't expect a cluster of galaxies all at once because it takes time and for the least, you could do is glue yourself to fix things rather than complain about things not going absolutely right.

 Do something right, remix it, and feel proud of owning whatever you have done as it will boost up your self-esteem and turn the dullness from the inside into distorted glitter. 10 years down the line, you will definitely applaud for the round of regrets you had while procrastinating as an irresponsible youngster, probably who knows that could come alive?

 Breaking up with procrastination may further bond you to strings of success and endless life goals. Now, here is one example; what will you do with a book of empty pages? You will probably fill something, doodle it or write a paragraph. That's how your life looks when you do nothing and just procrastinate, just like an empty jar or an empty page of a book!


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